BDSM kinky fetish dominance submission Atlanta bondageI have distinguished myself as a model who excels at the extremely kinky and raw images.  I am reliable, honest, and non-drama.  Although I do not do any pornographic images with men, there is little else that I won't do!  Especially if I feel respected by my photographer, I am pretty much game for anything you want to throw my way!  Throw a gas mask on me, suspend me from the ceiling while strapping me to a hitachi? Sure!  You are welcome to puruse my photos, and if you need any references I will be happy to give them.

Prices for photography shoots:

Regular nude/erotic/fetish shoots (no hardcore kink)--$75 an hour.

Hardcore fetish shoots--$120 an hour.

Hardcore shoots include the following: difficult, intense, and prolonged bondage, any active solo masturbation or sexual act with another woman, impact play, taboo fantasy portrayal, penetration with toys, watersports.

****I do not do any photographs or videos involving sexual acts with a man, real or simulated.  I will shoot with men, and the subject can be kinky and naughty, but nothing that involves me interacting directly with his sexy bits:)

Video shoots are subject to negotiation depending on whether there is a possibility of content exchange.

I hope to have a video clip gallery where you can catch short clips of my videos.  If you would like to view the ones I've done so far please see my clips4sale store.