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I have my own set of Abriform diapers as well as a lot of baby items to add to the experience.  I enjoy all aspects of diaper play, from age play to just hanging out using diapers, even walking around in public wearing them underneath my clothes.

ABDL Photo Gallery


One of my biggest turn-ons is to be restrained at the hand of my Master. I love all forms of bondage. Note--bondage with gags and/or blindfolds at the same time is only allowed with repeat clients with whom I have built a rapport.

Rope Bondage Photo Gallery

I find the sting of the cane of my backside exhilarating. Please ask before marking me.  I do not allow caning on the front of the thighs because the marks take so long to dissipate and, as a model, sometimes I need to be unmarked.
I am yours to lead. Puppy play is fun--there is a large cage to use if you would like.
These are a great addition to any scene. They are welcome anywhere on my body.
Mmmmmm. a personal favorite of mine!  This is NOT your normal cuckolding with a man.  This is cuckolding with a Goddess!  Do you want to see what Goddess Phoenix can do for me that you can't?  I bet you do!
I love a good flogging! Hard or soft, there is little I can’t take.
Foot worship

I know there are a lot of men out there with foot fetishes that are not necessarily submissive.  These men typically find my sessions extremely satisfying because I require no submissive for you to worship my feet.  I've also been praised for my feet quite often.  They are size 9, with long slender toes, large nails, and high arches.  You can see them here:

Foot Fetish Photo Gallery

On the other hand, I love to be at your feet, showing every inch of my devotion toward your feet and or shoes; massage, pedicure, kissing, licking, polishing.  It is one of my favorite things, provided that your feet are neat and clean.  If they are not, I will ask you to wash them or outright refuse.

Hair pulling
After about a year of having extensions where you weren't allowed to pull my hair, I finally have them out and I love to be pulled around by short brown hair...

I am open to any humiliation you want to throw my way.

Check out my Degradation Photo Gallery.

I will be your prisoner.
Knife Play
Using the blunt edge of a knife is OK with trusted, repeat clients. Piercing the skin is not OK, however.

I love changing in and out of lingerie--bras, panties, corsets, hosiery, negligees, garters.

Lingerie Photo Gallery

Mutual masturbation is allowed. I can use any implement on myself, including vibrators, dildos, or my hand. You are welcome to do the same to yourself. Please see the note about sex under Non-negotiable Limits.
Medical play
I can play nurse or patient. There are certain limitations around what can and cannot be legally performed, so please inquire for a more thorough answer. If you are interested, check out my Medical Play Photo Gallery.
Nipple torture
I have various implements for both hard and soft nipple play; clothespins, clover clamps, even C clamps.
Obedience Training
Train, discipline, punish, and reward me as you see fit.
Orgasm denial
Forced orgasms and tease and denial are two of my specialties!  I have epic orgasms that can last up to an hour.  And I can orgasm again and again and again and again.  I am very loud and dynamic!  I have plenty of toys at my disposal that I can use on myself at your discretion.
Role play

I can and will be anything you desire; your innocent secretary, naughty school girl, french maid, misbehaving housewife, slave...

Role Play Photo Gallery

Rope Bondage
I love and live for all types of bondage!  Basic rope bondage is fine with anyone and everyone.  I will only participate in rope suspension and/or complicated shibari rigging with someone who has proven themselves to be proficient in it and who understands the safety concerns involved.
Sensual Domination
I seem to have developed a reputation as a girl who only likes BDSM when it is hard and painful. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!! I love sensual Domination!  I love stroking, worshipping, petting, etc.  I relish the softer mental Domination, the kind that is delicately woven through sensuous touch and a tender, but firm, voice.  I also treasure more erotic Domination, the kind that lives in the realm of mutual pleasure and little to no pain.
Sensory Deprivation
Blindfolds, hoods, masks, ear plugs are all extremely erotic. Note--First session clients are not allowed to blindfold and restrain me at the same time. That is reserved for established and trusted clients.
I will there to serve and fulfill your every need.
Yes, please! Hands, paddles and slappers are all welcome.  I have a nice selection of paddles and spanking implements, but I know a lot of you have your own favorite toys that you are welcome to bring.
Sploshing/food play

With few exceptions, anything you bring, I will play in. Please inquire.

Here are photos from a very fun cake sploshing photo shoot!

I do allow watersports in my sessions.  If you would like to shower me, I allow it anywhere except for my face or mouth.  If you would like to be showered, I will give it to you anywhere you would like it.  The dungeon that I work out of has a shower area perfect for it!
Wax play
Always welcome, with ice cubes especially.
Ahhh, the sting of a good whip stroke! Marking is negotiable before the scene begins.


Alcohol and/or Drugs
As a submissive I put myself in a myriad of positions that require a lot of trust that my Dominant will be safe and will show good judgement in regards to my treatment.  When alcohol is involved, that judgement is impaired.  If I smell alcohol on your breath or you are obviously under the influence of a narcotic, the session will end and you will be asked to leave.  No refund will be given.
Blood play
The blunt end of a knife is OK during play with trusted and repeat clients.
Brown Play
I do not do brown play of any sort.
Caning on the Front of the Thighs
Since the cane marks on the front of the thighs take a very long to go away, I do not allow it.  As a fetish model, it is important that I be unmarked at times, and I can't take marks that are going to last for weeks.
Hard tickling
Light touch with a feather or hand as part of sensation play is fine. Anything done in the effort to tickle is not.
Kissing on the mouth
I think this is self-explanatory.
Touching on the front of the neck
There is always confusion regarding this limit. I can handle hard touch on my neck, such as light choking.  In fact I love it.  What I don't like, however, is light stroking or kissing on the front of my neck.  I know it is weird, but it has been a sensitive area for as long as I can remember. Do not push this limit, I do not enjoy it.
Needles are ok.  If interested in needles, please read my requirements for a needle session.  But I don't allow any permanent piercings or anything that might scar.
I refuse to say anything derogotory toward any group of people or use any racist stereotypes.

I am not an escort! This means no oral, vaginal, anal sex, hand jobs, or strap-on play . Your are welcome to do anything to yourself with any sort of toy, even to the point of release, but not with the use of my body or hand. This works the other way around as well.   I can perform oral sex on a strap-on.  If you would like to see me "fucked" with any sort of implement, I will be inserting myself and using it on myself at your discretion.  You can be as close to the action as you want to be, but not holding/using the device as it is penetrating me.  Any violation of this boundary will result in the immediate termination of the session with no refund.

Here is a more detailed description of what we can and cannot do with each other:

Both of us can be completely naked.  We can touch each other anywhere on each others bodies, but cannot masturbate each other.  Things that can be included are "inspections", pussy slapping, pussy torture (e.g. clothespins, ice, etc.).  If I feel like your touch is beginning to get inappropriate, I will ask you to stop.  What you can do is hold a vibrator up to me, without penetration, for orgasm play. We can kiss each other anywhere on each others bodies, including breasts and nipples, except the lips and genitals. Genital to genital to contact is not allowed--this is for your protection as much as mine.  Finally, you are allowed to cum on me, anywhere except for my face or my genitals.