When not doing live sessions, I also work as a webcam model.  Online, I've built a reputation as a flirty sweetheart who can get dirty and raunchy with the flip of a switch.  I'm great at anything from sensual play to hardcore degredation.  There are very few things I won't try!

BDSM kink fetish dominance submission Atlanta

My specialties include:

Submission (Of course!)
Taboo role plays--particularly Daddy/baby girl
Orgasm Control
Deep Throat/Gagging

Where can you find me?

I cam via skype and yahoo messenger. My prices are:

15 minutes: $25
30 minutes: $50
1 hour: $90

Skype name: lilmissnatalie1
Yahoo Messenger: lilmissnatalie66

Ask me about payment methods.

I also accept Amazon giftcards.

I tweet everytime I am available, so watch out for those tweets!  You can also contact me via phone at (404) 919-6281 or email me at

Why Cam With Me?!

Many people are hesistant to try webcamming, as they think it is a poor substitute for the real thing.  I beg to differ.  I have developed some extremely erotic as well as some serious Dom/sub relationships over the web.  If you are at all interested, I would welcome you to try it out!

I amvery open to exploring any or that you have.   As a submissive, I excel guessed it, submission! But I can also more regular shows as well.  I am open to almost any activity. I have all types of toys to be used anywhere on my body at your discretion!

I also excel at role plays. I am open to all types of role plays, including taboo fantasies. My exception is that I won't say anything racist.  I have a lot of costumes so just request one: cheerleader, schoolgirl, secretary, prostitute, nurse..../span>