Sep 3, 2012 Moving my blog!!

So, as you can probably see, I am in the process of moving my blog over to  It willl still be attached to this website, and I'm trying to figure out how to archive all of these old blog posts.  So as of right now it is a bit of a mess.  But I'm happy with the change!!  Wordpress is a lot more interactive and my posts can be a little more creative.  And you can leave comments and also sign up to follow my blog via email.

I have also set up a weekly newsletter blog,, also on wordpress.  Apparently,, who I was using as my newsletter service, thought I might be a prostitute, and shut me down after about a month.  I did sit down with a representative when I was setting the service up and showed her my website and she specifically said it was fine.  Four weeks later someone else obviously disagreed!!  Oh well.  That is what I get for putting an article about fuck saws in my newsletter:)  Wordpress should work out just as well.  You can sign up for my weekly update, which I plan to put out every Friday or Saturday, and it will also be on my personal website!

Aug 20, 2012 Podcast with The Sex Geeks!!

I was a guest on my friend's podcast, The Sex Geeks. They were so super fun.  Both of the hosts are involved as improv comedians at Dad's Garage, a local improv comedy venue.  We talk a lot about kink, sex, submission and as well as my job as professional submission.



Aug 20, 2012 Champagne

Exchange over Facebook regarding this picture and Champagne, my alter ego...

Daniel-- I think this is my new favorite picture of you, not the least of which because of the background and this "the hell you want?" look you're sporting. Awesome.

Natalie--That's because this is a picture of "Champagne" and Champagne doesn't give a f#$%!

  • Daniel--"Why do they call you Champagne?" "Because if I'm in a classy place I can be chill and sweet. But piss off anyone in my company, and I can smash your face."

    Natalie--Yeah, but Champagne doesn't talk like that. A) because any place Champagne is is classy, and B) Champagne can smash your face just by glancing at it.

Aug 20, 2012 Fried Chicken and Porn #5

For those of you who have been following this blog for a while, you might know that I am one of the creators of a very popular event called Fried Chicken and Porn.  This event is exactly like it sounds.  Me and another woman make homemade fried chicken and then everyone eats and watches cheesy porn together.  It is a lot of fun.  The only issue is that it gets really hot from frying, and there are A LOT of people in a fairly small condo and it gets crazy hot.  I ended up hanging out with friends on the balacony most of the time.  As you can see from the pictures, I was sporting a wig, and the summer heat combined with all those people was too much for me to take!!

All in all, it was a lot of fun and another resounding success.  Despite its name, the event mainly consists of my vanilla friends (well, vanilla compared to ME!).  I love my friends so much.  Since moving back to Atlanta four years ago, I have nestled into a group of artists, nerds, burners, dancers, and just interesting, fun people.  And when you get them all together and give them some porn to stare at, fun times are bound to ensue.  The theme was seventies, as is evidenced by my attire.  I have an alter ego, Champagne, who always refers to herself in the third person.  Champagne chose her outfit that night.  I would love to be able to put up more photos from the party.  But as most of my friends would not like their picture put up on my professional blog, I can't post them.  Don't worry, I am not that narcisstic that I only take pictures of myself:)


Aug 17, 2012 Guest Directed Self Portrait #5

Finally busted out three more Guest Directed Self Portrait, a project I'm contributing to on Tumblr. Been meaning to get on it, and I'm glad I was able toget these self portraits done.  Here they are:

Guest Directed Self Image #5 by withoutpretense

Instructions: for portrait number five, i would like you to choose a song that is important to you. find the emotion it stirs up in you and run with it. show me how you listen to it, show me what it makes you feel, show me what it makes you want to do.

Band: Neutral Milk Hotel

Song: Holland, 1945

I cannot not move when I hear this song.  My arms fly, my head bounces, and the emotion of the song pours through me.  It is such a song!  Upbeat and dancey, yet poignant and deep, quiet and still in a strange way.  I find myself literally jumping to the beat one moment and then completely stopping to sit in the sadness of the song the next.


Aug 17, 2012 Guest Directed Self Portrait #4

Finally busted out three more Guest Directed Self Portrait, a project I'm contributing to on Tumblr. Been meaning to get on it, and I'm glad I was able toget these self portraits done.  Here they are:

Guest Directed Self Portrait #4:

Instructions: GDSP #4 is to consist of your reflection. your image can be reflected from whatever you wish: a mirror, puddle, glass, etc. when taking the photo, look at yourself in your reflection, not at the lens. if possible, do not let the camera be seen in the reflection. this photo can be taken any time of day and your environment can be whatever suits you. the picture can be of either your face or your body, whatever you think best works with the photo and the reflective piece. be creative and surprise me.

Whenever I see my Master, Atlanta Fetish Works, for training, he usually starts me out in the cage.  Almost always, he places a mirror where I can see myself, or where he can see me, I’ve never asked him the reason.  Last night, I asked him if I could bring my camera into the cage with me for this self portrait and he agreed.  This is me waiting for him to come and greet me.


Aug 17, 2012 Guest Directed Self Portrait #3

Finally busted out three more Guest Directed Self Portrait, a project I'm contributing to on Tumblr. Been meaning to get on it, and I'm glad I was able toget these self portraits done.  Here they are:

Guest Directed Self Portrait #3 by paleskinblueeyes


For week 3 and my Guest Direction I want to you take a shower. Enjoy your shower however you care too, wash your hair, do a body scrub, just stand under the hot water, sing something, share that shower with someone. Once you are done your shower I want you to take your photo in natural or artificial light, showing as much or as little skin as you like, looking directly into the camera. That’s the key. Freshly showered, still damp, no makeup or styling or hair products, looking directly into the camera. Enjoy!

Aug 16, 2012 Fuck Saw Demo
Here are the second set of Vincent's images of me from FetishCon.  They are very different from the suspension ones, so I figured I'd put them in a seperate post.  I was the demo bottom for the fuck saw class, taught by the awesome Crovax of Wrath.  Got to hop up on a table naked and have Vincent rope my legs spread eagle.  The fuck saw was amazing!  I came in less than 3 minutes.  Crovax was a great teacher and made me feel extremely comfortable for being fucked by a machine in front of a live audience.  There is video of it, which I'm tryin to post to Tumblr, but Tumblr hates when I post videos and fights me every step of way. It's been "processing" the video for 30 minutes now.  I'll post a link to it whenever it decides it's finished.  Also, thank you to Melissa in Heels for being my spotter, the person at my side making sure my communications were heard by Crovax
Aug 16, 2012 Rope Bomb in Tampa!!!
Vincent Arasin sent me all his pictures from FetishCon.  They are pretty epic!  These two photos were from the Thursday night.  Vincent, Aeo, and his main bottom, Faeryn Phenix.  Went out at about 3am to do some guerrilla rope suspensions.  We found this beautiful draw bridge over the river. I really enjoyed both Aeo and Faeryn's company.
They are both down to earth and fun.  The night air was so peaceful, and any time I am near water I feel an ease wash over me.  The drawbridge was up, which created this very intense geometric image.  I kind of wish the photo had been taken in that direction, but it was Vincent's picture and I think they turned out wonderfully.  Really captured the spirit of the moment.
Aug 13, 2012 Custom Videos with Addie Juniper!

I'm super excited to now be doing custom videos with Atlanta's own Addie Juniper.  Addie is a hot fetish producer and model.  Check her out at  She is super cute, sexy, kinky, and I can't wait to start working with her!  She is into kinky sex with girls and boys, tickling, spanking and ballbusting.

I'm now featured on her site as well--

Aug 13, 2012 sock monkey

Had a fun masturbation session today involving my new Paul Frank undies!  Used the tight cotton panties to hold in my pink glass dildo and then used the pressure of my thick duvet to gently control the amount of insertion. Used a hitachi on the sock monkey face that was directly above my clit. Hope he enjoyed it as much as I did:)

Soaking the little sock monkey:)     










Sock monkey--happy and wet!

Aug 11, 2012 Goodness I'm getting sloppy!!

I should be updating this much more often.  OK guys!!!  I make the committment to update this blog at least twice a week.

Coming back from FetishCon, I'm ready to get back into action!!  Looking forward to doing more camming and videos.  Ready, set, go!!!

Aug 1, 2012 BDSM Quiz

I actually find this to be pretty accurate.  I didn't think Exhibitionist would top the list, because I don't necessarily get off on exhbitionism the way I get off on, say, masochism or submission.  But I do find exhibitionism quite rewarding in other ways, so maybe it is accurate.  Interesting, because I am a exhibitionist in almost all regards.  When I am a masochist submissive, I am very much lost in that role and world.  And I am definitely more of a Sadist than a Dominant.  I get off watching and empathizing with the suffering/ecstasy of those underneath me as opposed to the domination over them.

Do You have an Inclination Toward BDSM?

Exhibitionist / Voyeur        89%

Switch                                86%

Masochist                                82%

Submissive                        82%

Experimental                        71%

Degradation                        68%

Sadist                                64%

Dominant                                21%

Vanilla                                14%

Aug 1, 2012 50 Shades of Grey
I am not saying anything about the plot or how D/s is portrayed in 50 Shades of Grey, as I have not read it. But I just had a long, honest, and extremely open conversation about my experience as a submissive with a 60 year old elementary school librarian who had just finished the third book. I see that as something really positive. Even if that book misrepresented D/s in some substantial ways (again, have not read it so I don't know) it gave this woman a basis with which to hear about and understand my experience. It was quite a refreshing exchange to talk to someone about something which most people approach with fear, and to have her smile and support my experience.
Jul 28, 2012 Video with Bigue Selles
Here is a small preview and the exit interview to a video I did with BNS Fine Art and Arielle Lane!



Spiderweb girls Exit Interview from Bigue Selles on Vimeo.

Jul 28, 2012 50 Shades of Grey
I am not saying anything about the plot or how D/s is portrayed in 50 Shades of Grey, as I have not read it. But I just had a long, honest, and extremely open conversation about my experience as a submissive with a 60 year old elementary school librarian who had just finished the third book. I see that as something really positive. Even if that book misrepresented D/s in some substantial ways (again, have not read it so I don't know) it gave this woman a basis with which to hear about and understand my experience. It was quite a refreshing exchange to talk to someone about something which most people approach with fear, and to have her smile and support my experience.
Jul 19, 2012 Clip of the Week

Clip of the week:

lil miss natalie masturbates and orgasms while encased in nylon!

So I just encased myself completely in nylon pantyhose! Now I feel like playing! I start out by using my Magic Wand over my panthose. It feels sooo good! The vibrations expand out all over the nylon, over my pussy and inner thighs. After a while, I decide that I want to fuck myself with my glass dildo as well, so I cut a small piece out of the crotch and then rip it open!! I talk dirty to you, asking and telling you about how it would feel to fuck me in all that nylon! I make myself cum over and over with my cute, pink, glass dildo and magic wand!


Jul 15, 2012 The view from beneath

So a google search for "submission BDSM" yields lots of images of women in submissive positions.  So many of them! Some of them sexual, others just kinky.  The men's faces are rarely ever shown, just anonymous dominant men, the woman's submissive response being the primary focus of the shot.  There are occasionally pictures of men in submission, but even those focus primarily on the female image.

Also, the first image to come up from a google search for "dominance BDSM" is of yet another woman in a ball gag and blindfold being dominated by an anonymous and obscured male figure. Believe me I am not complaining about the content of these images.  I find them endlessly stimulating, many of them provide me with hours of masturbation material.

However, I want to see more images of that predatory man.  Where are those pictures?  I want to see the world from the subs perspective.  I would love to take my camera into the cage with me during my training with M, get pictures of him while he dominates me.  Capture the dark look on his face when he puts me on my leash.  I wonder if that’s possible, to really catch those moments from underneath him.  Not him with me, but him within himself, experiencing his own dominant and predatory nature.  I think more of those types of images need to be captured.  I would masturbate just as much to those images.  My pulse is quickening just by writing about it.  Too bad it is rarely the submissive who has the camera.  And too bad we are so overly obsessed with the female form.

Jul 14, 2012 Performance on 6/20 at the Jungle!!

Come one come all!  Friday, 6/20, I'll be performing at the Jungle with JSin Secretroom himself.  I'm gonna be a naughty schoolgirl who gets punished onstage.  Showing off my submissive, masochistic talents in all their glory!!    Here is the link to the event:

Jul 12, 2012 Clip of the Week

lil miss natalie gets encased in nylon!!

So my friend Studio Bordel has a huge pantyhose/nylon fetish. So I invited him over to videotape me having a bunch of nylon fun. He selected a bunch of white nylons, and I proceed to cover my entire body, from head to toe, in them. I start by putting on two pairs over my legs, then once pair over my arms, then I cover my head, and finish off with one more pair over my arms!! I look so sexy completely covered in cream colored nylon. It is so soft and feels so good on my skin! At the beginning of the shoot, I didn't think I would find it as big of a turn on as I did, but it just feels so luxurious!! I finish the clip by telling you what I'm going to do to your cock and balls with my nylon covered hands. I get so excited I decide to play with myself in all that nylon, but you'll have to wait for the next clip for that:)

Jul 4, 2012 Guest Directed Self Portrait #2

I know that landscape shots are a little bit more difficult at night.  But I decided to try a few shots out anyway.  Although my other shots were of better quality, I think that this shot captures the quiet solitude of my yard at night the best.


The photo:

It should be landscape-oriented. Go outside somewhere, if you can. (Bonus points if it’s raining!) If you can’t take your photo outside for any reason, inside is fine, but in either case, show as much of your environment as possible. Show gratitude. Show movement.

Self Directed Portrait #2
Jul 4, 2012 Submissive edge players commiserating

Started a conversation with a fellow submissive, tullebox, who's picture of being waterboarded caught my eye.  I have been interested in doing a waterboarding scene since my friend/play partner Creature brought it up.  I asked her to tell me about her experience and we ended up having a really nice conversation about what it is like to be a submissive that seeks out being pushed to her limits.  It was nice to really ground my own experience with someone of a like mind, who experiences these scenes with the same eye that I do.  I wanted to put some of our conversation on this blog because I think it provides some insight to people who might not understand why someone would ask to have these extreme experiences of torture, submission, and mind fucking.

From Tullebox's account of the waterboarding experience, taken from her journal entry about the experience:


I have wanted to try waterboarding ever since I read Marg_it's recount of her waterboarding experience. I read that post at least a dozen times and it terrified me every time I read it....but it did not deter me from wanting to try it. What does they say about me? ;) ...

...After it was all over,  I couldn't do anything but sob. I wanted to curl up in a ball and be hugged. I was desperate for reassurance. I have never been that scared in all my life.  I honestly thought he wouldn't know me well enough to read my body and things would end badly.  I was very wrong. This man I have been playing with for over a year knows me better than I know myself. I should have never doubted him. He's my friend.

During that scene, EM managed to force me to dig deep for strength and determination. He tested my trust and my ability to rise to his high expectations. I have no idea how I accomplished  it.

Once the ropes were cut off,  I was wrapped in my blanket crying in MrTulleBoxes arms, my safe place. I felt like a wuss and superwoman at the same time.

I totally get the whole mental aspect you are talking about. My Dom is into mental domination and edge play as much as the physical. I think that is what is so beautiful about being submissive sometimes. Being pushed to your limits, watching your own reactions to pain and fear, getting through it, learning how to take care of yourself in those situations. I really connected with the part where you said you felt like a wuss and superwoman at the same time. I feel like that often after a scene. It's almost like I have, in the scene, connected very strongly with my sense of vulnerability and my strength at the same time, so my awareness of both of those parts of myself afterwards is extremely heightened. Not sure if that speaks to your experience at all, but that is what it is like for me.

That's exactly it. When that happens its AMAZING and AWFUL. Fully exposed makes me so uncomfortable yet I push my self there constantly. I understand you completely!

I found this conversation really interesting. Do you mind if I put parts of it in my blog on my website? I think it provides a lot of insight into the mind of a submissive during edge play.

I have really enjoyed this conversation as well. It's not very often that someone understands this particular area. Most don't want to go there or afraid to go there. It terrifies me but I am exhilarated to find a partner who will override my fear and push me there.

I was reading another journal entry tonight and he wrote:

When I pull instead of push, I always stand between them and the cliff.

THAT is what I strive to find in the people I play with.

Amen my submissive sister!!


Jun 30, 2012 Guest Directed Self Portrait #1

So I started on a new little creative project.  Thanks to my tumblr friend rwfoster, I stumbled upon this blog:

Basically, everyone who participates will at some point have the opportunity to direct the shot for the rest of the participants.  There are 16 prompts so far so I have some catching up to do.  This is the first one.  The directions that I followed are underneath it.

Guest-Directed Self-Portrait #1 (dir. Molly Peck):

(written for a right-handed person; if you are left-handed, please mirror the directions; if you have limited dexterity or mobility, a tripod or camera placed on windowsill will work as well) Use a camera (or lens) that will allow you to focus fairly close (arm’s-length) If you choose to wear a garment, choose something that says as little as possible about time and place and identity. Locate a window that provides enough sunlight to act as your only light source (if you have several to choose from, try them all to see which light you like best. Extra points if your window is near a corner so that a second wall will be at your back if the window is on your right) Raise the blinds, open the curtains…let in the sunlight. Stand with your right side almost touching the window sill. Step back the length of your foot, then sit on the floor. (If there are objects behind you that can be easily moved, move them out of the frame) Place your right elbow on the window sill, holding your camera aimed at your face from slightly above and to the right (it may be easier to let the back of your hand touch the window glass). Think posture thoughts (a balloon attached to the top of your head?) to elongate your neck even if you are in a slouching or crouched position. If you (like me) easily get a double-chin in pictures (only if you don’t like it!), think about invisibly smoothing your double-chin-prone area forward into space. Try not to say anything specific with your mouth. Place the pad of your left middle or index finger, if they are available to you, into the hollow above your collarbone. Convey longing in all of your fingers. Look down with your eyes (or close your eyes), and think about crushing disappointment (either feeling it, or causing it). Inhale. Exhale. Relax your shoulders. Just as you are about to press the shutter, look directly up into the center of the lens (as if you are actually looking into eyes that matter very much to you) while remembering our capacity for forgiveness. Press the Shutter. That’s it.


Jun 29, 2012 My newest review!
Today was my first session with a pro submissive. I was totally impressed with what I experienced before, during, and after the session. Never had anyone so willing to communicate and answer questions before the session was actually scheduled. Natalie's ass was so inviting that I actually paddled her rather hard. Never heard a safe word; she never moved from position; she never  wiggled during the spanking. Other avenues of play were accepted in like manner. Beautiful, enduring, accomodating, filled with a most personable personality -- what else might one need? I recommend her and plan to see her again soon.
Jun 26, 2012 Amazing weekend

I had an very nice weekend.  It was quite busy.  Friday I attended the Flesh and Fetish Ball at Studio Eris, where I gave a pretty epic performance with Brent Bomber.  I was brought up on stage, mounted onto a Sybian, fire flogged, beaten, and choked.  My whole body is marked, which I find extremely beautiful and sexy.  It was so delightful, Brent and I are planning on doing it on video.

Speaking of videos, I got to see a snippet of the video that Atlanta Fetish Works did last week.  I find it quite erotic.  In the video I cum from the simple act of him spitting on me repeatedly.  Mmmm, it makes me tingle just thinking of the footage.

I have some very erotic and hardcore video shoots coming up.  I'll be doing a breath play video with Lee David next week.  And my play partner, Creature, expressed interest in water boarding.  So being both a torture slut and camera whore, I volunteered myself and suggested we get it on film.  That should be quite interesting.  And as you have seen, I have been making personal videos to one of my patron Doms who is out of town for a while.  He just sent me a list of about 5 videos that he wants me to make for him.  They all explore different parts of my submissive nature and sexuality.

Finally, I uploaded several shots from my most recent photo shoot with PBE-Photography.  Check them out here.  In them I sport a wedding dress.  I love it.  I have kind of a wedding dress fetish.  I would love to do a long series of shots of me doing lots of kinky things in wedding dresses. Too bad they are so expensive, lol.

Jun 26, 2012 Clip of the Week

Here is the second video that my out of town Dom asked me to do for him. First, I insert my bunny tail butt plug for the camera. Then I take a small brush with my teeth and scrub my bathroom floor with it. I drop the brush and have to use my tongue to pick it back up with my mouth. After the floor is clean, I use the brush to clean the rim of my toilet bowl. I finish by sticking my head in the toilet and flushing it. I come up with my head covered in toilet water.

Check the clip out here:

Jun 22, 2012 Video shoot and photo shoots

I had a great video shoot with my Dom, M (aka Atlanta Fetish Works).  He is a deeply twisted soul, which means we get along swimmingly.  Just kidding, he's only partially twisted.  The rest of him is very nice.  I enjoy the fact that he finished this off by putting a gas mask on my head  and then paused to tell me how hot it looked.  And he meant it, lol.

The video is mainly of the other end of me, involving a lot of spitting, bondage, caning, and a fuck saw.  It's pretty incredible--I was able to orgasm repeatedly from just him spitting on me.  The gas mask added a lot of edge because it restricted my breath to the point that every time I would orgasm I would get light headed.  And for those of you in the know I can cum pretty much indefinitely.

I also had a really great shoot with Lee David. He shot me for an article in Xcitement magazine.  I'm going to be featured in the Fet Scene section of the next edition.  To the right is a picture of me from the shoot.  Did I mention I love gags and I love drool.  My eyes lit up when I saw it!  it is so beautiful.  If I could I would have a massive collection of gags of all varieties and sizes.  This Paul Scott gag is definitely on the top of the list of ones I want, along with this amazingly sweet Mr. S. Leather wedge gag!!  Maybe I'll be lucky enough to peruse Mr. S Leather when I'm in San Francisco at the beginning of July.  That would make my entire month!!  Haha, I have a lot more that I want but I'll start with those.

Jun 20, 2012 Flesh and Fetish Ball

I'll be performing at the Flesh and Fetish Ball at Studio Eris this Friday.  Come and check me out, meet me, and get to know me if you want.

Jun 20, 2012 Clip of the Week


So one of my favorite patron Doms is out of town. As a tribute, every week I am making a video for him. So, for the first video he had me make a masochistic exercise video. First, I put in my bunny tail butt plug and do 60 jumping lunges. Then I do 4 sets of 20 jumping jacks, first with clover clamps on my nipples, then with the clamp chain in my mouth, then with my breastscovered in clothespins, and finally with mouse on my breasts and pussy.

Jun 20, 2012 A New Review
WOW! a pretty face, beautiful body and smoothest skin! You will love her charming and cheerful little personality which will soothe and put you at ease. Very nice spankable ass! If you saw her walking through the grocery store you would definatly be checking her out.A true submissive, trust me! And smells so sweet and clean.Treat yourself! —G
Jun 16, 2012 New Testimonial

I asked my new Dom for a review and he gave me one!  Check it out.

I've had the pleasure of training and exploring a number of worthy submissives in my 10+ years of being exclusively into D/s and M/s relationships, in addition to working with many more on a semi-professional basis through my photography.  Though, I am admittedly biased (natalie is now my submissive on a personal basis), I can say without question that she is an amazing bottom to both corporal and psychological play and the extent to which one is able to truly explore their dark side with natalie is really only limited by your imagination and ability to explain where you want to go... don't be afraid to ask anything.

She has a genuine and deep desire for edge play, but where she really shines is in her serious and heartfelt desire to please and be a vehicle for allowing others to exercise and explore their dominant nature.  She revels in handing the reins over and i highly recommend taking them. She is extremely sexual/orgasmic and responds on edge of pleasure (can cum indefinitely) as well as she does pain (she can process and manage intensity as well as anyone I've played with).  Toy with her... Make her cum and make her cry, it's all fair game.

On a selfish note, it turns me on to see her marked up from her various pay partners, so don't hold back when beating her, though her ass can sustain a pretty epic pounding without bruising.  I do encourage aftercare with heavier scenes.  She will take the hard use wantonly, but performs better over time when given a soft touch afterward.  Speaking of touch, her sexy, lean body and smooth skin rewards it well and her pretty little kitty definitely merits petting, though clit torture is recommended, too (something she's working on improving her tolerance toward).

I'll close by stating this... She is very real in what she does... You will get an eager to please professional, with an aptitude and abilities that stem from within her beautiful and dark submissive soul.


Jun 15, 2012 Training

So, as I have said in previous blogs, I am beginning to train under a new Dominant, with whom I have found I have a great rapport.  He takes domination very seriously and is taking me to a new level of submission I never though possible.  I will be writing about my experiences here.  I think that these experiences willl give me a greater breadth from which to work with in my professional sessions.  And I'm just a twisted little soul, and it is nice to find someone that is just as twisted as I am to play with.  Here is my entry about my experiences from last night:

Just had my first full training session with M.  My body is absolutely knackered.  Who knew you could get such a workout stuck in a small cage?  I’m gaining experience being objectified and degraded.  Starting out in a cage, animal like, not allowed to speak.  It was interesting in that state, the mind does actually go to a less wordy place, much more sensory.  It was hard and rewarding at the same time.  I have definitely met my match in terms of Domming.  He calls me an energy slut, because I feed off it so readily.  If I am it is only because he feeds it to me with such vigor.

Update:  He told me today that I can begin to refer to him as my Dom, as opposed to just my Trainer.  He tells me that I please him greatly, which brings much warmth to me inside.

Jun 8, 2012 Compliments, a Dom, and some photos

It was very nice today to have someone who has been to lots of professional submissives tell me that I did an awesome job.  I don’t have a lot of role models or mentors and I pretty much just wing it.  Good to know I’m doing some things right:)

I am also starting a D/s relationship with a photographer I work with,M.  He is into mindfucking and edge play and I am so ready to dive in!  Eager little beaver ready and waiting!  Wanting to really explore submission at a whole new level.  I want a teacher to both defile and expand me.  And we are video taping parts of it, so I’ll also have something to masturbate to.  And I’m also going to try to sell it, so it will be a win/win/win.

On photography notes, I had an amazing shoot with Alexander Sikwitit.  We had a lot of fun and worked really well together.  Took photos of one of my ten minute long orgasms.  Kind of nervous of seeing still shots of my O face.  And I finally got to plug by bunny tail in and get some pictures with it.

Jun 3, 2012 Wedding

So I got to a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding yesterday.  The bride in question was one of the fellow submissives at 1763's House of Domination when it was still going, although she didn't really fall into the business the way I did.  She looked so beautiful yesterday, as did the groom.  I know that they both spent a lot of energy putting the wedding together themselves, and most of it was DIY.  All of their efforts paid off.  The venue was perfect.  If you ever have an event to throw in Atlanta, I highly recommend The Goat Farm as a location. It is an artist space located on an old goat farm, hence the name.  Everything about it is beautiful and the energy is quite open and relaxing.  It has everything--farm animals, a little coffee shop, urban decay, large swing sets...I want to do a photo shoot there soon!

It was my idea of a perfect wedding.  The ceremony was beautiful.  Everyone was dressed in crazy costumes, from Billy Idol to just strangely masked characters.    I went as a little flapper girl.  I like that I have interesting, strange, and for the most part, down to earth friends.  And in turn, I can trust that their friends are the same way.   I love that these large gatherings where we all meet up are usually filled with fun and frolic and not drama and snobbery.  Both the bride and groom have friends from many different areas of interest, and they all blended quite well!  The pictures my friend Jason took are amazing--I especially like the one of me and the bride having a moment of repose on a broken down table out by the swings.  Felt so happy to be able to have a moment to connect with her on her special day, and I'm glad he was able to capture the moment on camera.  Too bad at that point she had changed out of her dress because someone had spilled OJ down it.  It was really a gorgeous dress!  She still looks beautiful, though:)

Jun 1, 2012 Moving


I will be moving from 1763 to Studio Eris.  I'll be working with Brent, the owner of Studio Eris, to maybe market myself in a more comprehensive way, which is very exciting!!  Studio Eris is located in midtown, near the Sweetwater Brewery.  It is a fully equipped Dungeon, but it is more known for the swinging parties that go on there.  I'll be attending more of the fetish events there and I'm really looking forward to the transition!  I have put pics up in the dungeon part of this site.  They are older pictures, the dungeon is actually a lot better equipped now!

I am also working with Ariel Lane, another new sub on the scene.  We are going to start advertising dual sub sessions for those that want them.  Areil and I have amazing chemistry and both have similar pain tolerances and interests in edge play.  We are beginning to do more photo shoots in order to start this advertising.

I've also been working on doing more videos.  Dani and I co-bottomed for my friend Creature.  I took a really nice beating while Dani watched on in a cage, until she was dragged over and we were suspended facing each other and attached by nipple clamps.  Then we both got to watch each other as the other one was beaten.  It was extremely erotic.  Those videos should be coming out in a month or so on my clips4sale store.


May 23, 2012 Changes and growth



There have been a lot of changes in my world in the last couple of weeks.  1763's House of Domination has officially dissolved and as of right now I am an independent operator.  Not quite sure what my next steps will be.  I have a few avenues which I could chose, none of which I can really discuss publically.  But there will definitely be more changes in the next few weeks.

HOD was definitely a great start for me.  The two owners, Goddess Phoenix and Mistress Whip, were great bosses and nothing but supportive of me.  I always knew they had my best interests at heart and both were quite loving and motherly in their own, individual ways.  They taught me a lot in terms of how to be not only a good submissive but how to be a good professional submissive, which is another beast in and of itself!

Now I am looking at how to expand and flourish in this profession more than I already have.  There will be a lot more coming out from me.  More promoting, more videos, etc...  Now I am just figuring out the best avenue to take to make that happen.  So keep on the look out!!

In completely other news, Pancakes and Booze was a resounding success!!!!  Lola Bohemia is an amazing body painter.  She created two cyborgs out of me and her submissive Sig, an intimidatingly tall and pierced German man, who is actually quite silly and quite kind!  He actually pierced himself 35 times and wove LED lights through his skin to create a more realistic cyborg look.  I, of course, did not do that!!  My special wierd thing was at the end of the night, when Lola hooked my arms up to a TENS unit and made me her little puppet.  I will have nicer pictures up as soon as they are edited.  The ones here are of me at the beginning of the body painting process and of my backside at the end of the night  I actually love the way the gold looks in my hair before she covere my face in it as well.  I'm thinking of getting some for special events!!

May 18, 2012 Pancakes and Booze!
I’ll be Lola Bohemia’s body painting model for this event.  My fellow model just got pierced 35 times so that she can weave lights through his skin.  I will be a cyborg with open heart surgery, sewn together with needles or staples.  And my body movements will be controlled by one or two tens units.  Most interesting!!!  i can't freaking wait!!
May 15, 2012 My foot fetish modeling gig

Did some foot fetish modeling for my friend's clips4sale site.  Here is the first of many clips I did for him:

May 14, 2012 Just because i was feeling naughty

And thank you to my client that sent me such an awesome Derby shirt!!
My goodness I've turned into such a slut.
May 9, 2012 Birthdays and vacations



Apr 23, 2012 Saturday night beating

I had a wonderful beating on Saturday night.  Daddy needed to get out some aggression, and I apparently needed to let out some pent out emotion, because that is what happened just a few minutes into the beating.  I spent pretty much the whole time crying, and not from the pain (well kind of from the pain).  The whole experience took me into one of the most intense sub-spaces I’ve been in to date.

The whole thing worked out quite well, as I learned Daddy is apparently turned on by tears, which I found out is called dacryphilia. Definitely made me feel better about uncontrollably sobbing through the whole scene.  He was quite loving, and had my new favorite friend with benefits, Danni, come and caress me as he pounded away on my ass and back.

The whole thing ended with me getting hitachied on Daddy’s lap by Danni.  Still trying to learn to squirt—no bueno last night.  Oh well.  There is always something to strive for.

Later in the night I had a pretty epic fellatio session with Daddy on the couch.  I will post when I get the pictures, which are quite epic as well!
Apr 20, 2012 Happy 4/20 everybody!

Enjoy your reefer cigarettes everybody!  Personally, I don't indulge.  I'm actually somewhat of a teetotaller myself.  I kind of thing that I am wild enough as it is without anything in my body.  Although I don't abstain all the time, I go through long periods where I don't drink, caffeine and the occasional cigarette being my only vices (if you don't count kinky sex as a vice, I guess--I personally don't).

I find it funny that I am so vanilla in so many ways, yet so very kinky sexually.  Although, believe me, the exact opposite was the case when I was attending college in my early 20's.  But now, ten years later, I don't even cuss!  Instead of saying fuck, I say fudge.  I say shit pretty often without remorse, but I substitute the word scheisse a lot as well.  I know the two words mean the exact same thing, but for some reason it feels more begign saying it in another language.  The only real exception to the no cussing rule is during my kinky adventures.  "Fuck", along with "Oh my god!" are my two go-to phrases on my journey to orgasm.  If you've ever seen it, you know what I'm a talking about.  I also don't mind saying fuck when I'm talking dirty to someone.  "I want to fudge the scheisse out of you!" just doesn't cut it, does it?

I am also prone to shouting "Oh Fucking Jesus!", "You've got to be Fucking Kidding Me!", and occasionally an outright "Fuck you!" to my Dominant when He/She is putting me through a super rigorous scene, but that is only in my head.  I'm waiting for the day that a Dom/me breaks me and I say it out loud.  I dearly love one of my most regular patrons, who likes to take pictures during our sessions.  He always seems to know when these moments are and it is at that point that he points his lens at me and commands me sternly to smile for the camera.  So incredibly sadistic...

Anyway, l know I sound like a complete dork when I shout out the word fudge every time I stub my toe.  I'm always on the lookout for other words that might not sound as dorky.  I wrestled with the word "frak" for a while, but it doesn't seem to roll off my tongue as smoothly.  And I think I'm identifying myself as just as much of a dork, just a sci-fi dork, despite the fact that I will be the first to defend Battestar Galactica as one of the best shows that has ever aired on televesion to anyone.

And on that subject, I don't think I am alone when I say that I would love to be Liutenant Starbuck's bitch any day of the week.  The female Starbuck of course.  I just want her to push me up against a wall and do her worst to me with a strap on. I would totally let her fuck the shit out of me.  Mmmmm and Grrrr...

Apr 19, 2012 Latex vacuum cube

Here are two videos of me suspended in my friend Sparr's latex vacuum cube at Frolicon Atlanta.  The first is of me being sealed in.  The second is of him running ice cubes up and down my body.  It was so much fun, I couldn't see what he was doing and it felt like he was spraying me down with freezing cold water.


Apr 17, 2012 Come camming with me tomorrow

I will be webcamming with the beautiful Goddess Phoenix and Lady Feline tomorrow on  Check out our profile at   We will be on from 12pm-about 6pm.

Also I will also be camming with my hot friend Danielle tomorrow night.  If you want a private skype or yahoo show let me know!  We get down and dirty and we have A LOT of fun together!

Apr 10, 2012 Come see me get dominated!!!
Goddess Phoenix and I will be on tomorrow doing online domination.  She will be dominating me for viewers' enjoyment.  Come and check it out!  Our profile is  Can't wait to see you!
Apr 9, 2012 Frolicon!!!!!

So, it is officially "Coming Down From Frolicon Day".  I had such a fun time this year!!!!!!  For those of you who don't know what Frolicon, go to  Here are my highlights:

--Rode a Sybian three times, the first time for 10 minutes and the third time for about 15!!!  Twice I was being double penetrated with one of my butt plugs:)

--I was the demo model for my friend, Lola Bohemia's, body painting class.  She did an amazing underbust corset, face paint and body decorations.  I was costumed as Tragedy Anne--a morose rag doll.  Had a really fun photo shoot afterwards with my friend Domino and GeekofAllTrades.  Entered into the costume contest, but sadly did not win.  But I received tons of compliments and a lot of people couldn't tell at first that I wasn't actually wearing a corset.  If you are in the Atlanta area and want custom body paint done, definitely check out Lola--

--Got to be a model for the Frolicon documentary that Con Man and Deviant Savant filmed.  Did a really nice spanking by Scooterjpm and did a violet wand scene with Domino.  I will most definitely have links to that when it gets put out!

--Had a few personal moments that I won't recount here (blushing and giggling).

--Got to see a lot of friends all running about having a wonderful and debaucherous time!  I realize what a wonderful community of kinkster friends I have here in Atlanta.  I feel so blessed to be a part of it!

--Got to spend a lot of time with my Daddy, -B-rollin-.  Was officially given a consideration collar by him.

Sad it's over.  It's always toooooo short!  Already looking forward to FetishCon in August!



Mar 31, 2012 Sore little nipples

So, a few weeks ago an awesome patron gave me a pair of clover clamps.  I was so proud of myself.  A year ago I could not handle nipple torture at all.  I absolutely hated it.  But since becoming a pro sub and webcam model six months ago, using clothespins, I have brought myself up to being able to handle the clovers.

Sooooooooo, maybe I became a little overzealous.  Over the last few days I've done a lot of nipple torture and they are soooooo bruised and sore (making a pouty face right now as I write this).  I just did a short webcam session with them on and it almost brought me to tears.  No one has brought me to tears yet, let alone in just 15 minutes.  And do not take that as a challenge! :)

And this is why I love my roommate.  Walking out of the session, I lifted my dress up, and pouted, "Please rub and tell my nipples you feel sorry for them."  And she did!  I love you, roomie!


Mar 27, 2012 Camcorder Trade!!!!

I am really itching to start up my Clips4Sale site.  However, I've been having trouble getting content because I always have to rely on other's cameras.  Most of the time I don't end up getting the content, or I have to wait forever to get it.  So I was thinking of a nice trade to offer to anyone who would like to purchase this HD Camcorder for me.  I will send you, along with a free copy of anything that I put on Clips4Sale, a personal (5 minute minimum) video of me in a private play session once a week for a whole year!  That is a reallly good deal.  Come on guys, what do you think?!

The videos that I will put on my Clips4Sale site will actually be extremely broad in scope.  It will be anything from me in a session (with a client, play partner, or mistress), to sploshing, to me masturbating with my hitachi (or other items).  As for the personal videos, I like to send videos of my real play.  This means me getting down and dirty, used and abused, slapped and beaten.  Usually, I tape these with my personal play partner, which means that I can get a lot dirtier and more sexual than in my paid sessions.  Of course, if you have any special requests I am always open!  If you would like 52 videos of me eating breakfast, I am down for that.  Just don't ask for anything illegal:)

Mar 24, 2012 Real Time Sub

Due to an email I received regarding some confusion over this post I would like to make sure that it is clear.  This is a post about an exploit/relationship outside of work.  I DO NOT have sex with clients nor do I meet clients outside of the dungeon!!!!!!!!  Please do not be confused!  Daddy is a personal friend first and play partner second and our play is consensual and free.  I also don't play this way with very many people, actually anyone except this man, so don't get any ideas that i go giving it out for free everywhere!  So that being said--here is the original post:

A lot of clients, especially men on cam, ask me if I'm really a submissive.  The answer is undeniably yes!  All it takes is a firm hand and voice and maybe a little bit of pain to get my juices flowing.  Had an amazing scene with a new Daddy last night.  He was very generous to me and gave me lots of orgasms.  He also grabs me by the neck and hair and has me crawl on all fours from room to room.  He can be quite heavy handed, but that just seems to get me wetter, lol.  It was a pretty epic night.  Purrrrrrrrrrrr  Here is a picture of the aftermath of one of his belt beatings.

I am not however, a lifestyle submissive.  I actually think that makes me a good professional submissive because I can switch into nonsubmissive mode when dealing with skeazy men on the phone and when I need to make sure my boundaries are respected in sessions.  I'm also not a service submissive.  I like the idea of service, but only when it comes to the scene.  I have no desire to clean my Dom's house or carry his bags.  I do like to be of service to people.  I like taking care of people.  But that goes toward everyone, friends, Doms, and strangers alike, and I like it to be my decision and in my time.

Daddy is a lifestyle Dominant.  I could never be with Daddy on a permanent basis.  I am just too independent to live as someone's submissive.  But it was really nice to go over and slip into submission.   I can go over for a night, get ordered around, beaten, fucked, and serve my Daddy. Then I can go home and be my more autonomous self.   I feel so lucky that I get the best of all worlds:)

On another note, I was able to totally take a full 8 inch dildo down my throat.  My throat is sore as hell today, but it was pretty amazing when I was doing it.

Mar 23, 2012 Making up for lost time!
So I got sick again!!!! I was out of commission for about five or six days.  I guess this is my winter to get sick!  Now I am scrambling with catch up stuff.  Everything in my house is staring at me taunting me with its clutter that I just don't have time to get to it.  I just updated pictures on my website, and my wishlist (check it out!).  You'd think that that would be easy, but it's actually not.  Changing my wishlist around took me about three hours.  Now I need to go get my nails done for a foot worship session.  I'm probably the only woman in the world who complains about getting a pedicure, lol.  If I didn't have this job, believe me, I would never get a pedicure again. Anyway, after that I'm going up to play with my friend who is going to help me make kinky videos for a man who bought me a few items.  Take note, fellas buy me something kinky and you will get personalized videos and pictures of me using them.  OK, well, that part of my day I'm looking forward to.  And I guess the pedicure part is not that bad:)  Don't worry, I know I am bitching about first world problems.
Mar 13, 2012 How Not to Treat a Professional Submissive

Dear Sir that spent all day texting me,

I am a professional submissive.  This means that I submit to you only after you pay me (unless you are my boyfriend, in which case, lucky you).  This does not mean that I am obligated to text you back within seconds of you texting me as if I have nothing else to do.  This does not mean that I treat you like my Master during every conversation.  That was never negotiated or agreed upon.  You are not my Master until the minute the session starts.  If you want to treat me like your sub during our phone and text conversations, you are going to have to pay for that too.  And the fact that I'm submissive does not, in general, give you the right to be an asshole.

Subs deserve respect for what they do. The giving over of power is just that, a gift.  Treat it like that.  Labelling myself as submissive does not automatically mean that I am obligated to submit to you.  The very fact that you think that means that I probably never will.  And I wish you had called my boss the way you threatened to.  Because she knew you were calling and she was not planning on being as nice as I was.



Mar 10, 2012 The Roc has a twin!

And the twin is my squirting dildo!  This picture gets more amazing the more I look at it:)  So much fun to take.

Mar 10, 2012 My awesome shower scene and return of the Karaoke Queen

I had such a fun shower experience with a new client on Thursday!  It was completely unexpected.  This is what I love about this job, that I never know what is going to happen.  After a relatively standard session, he brought me into the massive shower at 1763 and instructed me to touch myself while he sprayed me down with a hose.  At first the water was very cold, which was actually pretty enjoyable in a masochistic sort of way.

Having that cold water sprayed on me was such an incredible mix of experiences and sensations.  On one hand, it kind of reminded me of childhood revelry in the sprinkler, which allowed me to relax into the scene and enjoy it on another level than the average scene.  But on the other hand, the cold water was quite uncomfortable, and when he held it up close to me, the spray was pretty powerful.  And finally, being forced to touch myself while it was happening was the icing on the sensation cake.

When the water finally warmed up, it was like bath water soothing my whole body.  Then my Dom wrapped me in a towel and hugged me.  Such a nice session!

Then, to top off my great day, I got to see my karaoke buddies that night.  Highlights include Wesley Willis's "Rock N Roll McDonald's" and a Engrish version of "Don't Stop Believing".  It was amazingly awesome.  For my part I did "Cause I'm a Blonde", by Julie Brown and "I Get Around" by Tupac.  Yes, I know the words to several rap songs, giving people reasons to doubt my whiteness. Actually, no one would ever doubt my whiteness, but I do like to see people's reactions to me perfectly rapping "What's the Scenario", by Tribe Called Quest.

Mar 10, 2012 I'm a total whore!


Mar 4, 2012 I should have been in 1920's Paris

I have recently become semi-obsessed with sin cities of the 1920's, particularly Paris and Berlin, and the art that was created around that period.   I have an intense love for women who baulk at social and moral codes, such as Kiki, Speedy Schlichter, and Natalie Barney .  Slowly collecting and reading books from that period.  Currently reading Kiki's Paris: Artists and Lovers 1900-1930.

This is currently my favorite picture from the era.  It is of Speedy Schlichter, who lived in Berlin.  It is such a raw image.   I fall in love with it more each time I look at it.

Mar 3, 2012 Safety Calls!!!!! Of Extreme Importance

An extremely unfortunate incident (that did not happen to me, but to someone I know) inspired me to post about the massive importance of safety calls in BDSM and kink encounters.  At first I was going to write about it myself, but after a little thought, I decided that there is enough information on the internet that is better written and more thorough than anything I could write on my own in a single blog entry.  So I found this article and decided to repost it.  To view the article on the website on which I found it, visit   The site gives more information about the author, which I have not included here.

Safecall Guide and Outline

by Sir Bamm!


What you should know about Safecalls

Safecalls is another subject that gets mentioned, but doesn't get discussed in detail. I've received such good input that it became necessary to give this subject its' own page.
In this day and age of internet anonymity and kidnappings shielded by claims of consensual S/m play, a safecall is an important tool. A tool to be used when meeting someone new, someone for the first time, or someone met through an internet encounter.

What Is a Safecall?
A Safecall is a person who you trust, who you can give information to about the who, what and where's of your meeting, who will keep up with you in case of an emergency.

Who Needs a Safecall?
Anyone who is meeting someone for the first time or anyone getting together with someone they met at a munch, party or meeting that they are going to have their first private encounter with.

But I'm a Big, Bad Dom Type
How do you know that the 5'2", 110 lb. blonde you got a picture of on the internet is not really four drunken hillbilly rednecks that enjoy beating the shit out of "perverts and queers?"
There's no way that I believe that everyone I spoke with on the internet is exactly who they claim to be. Do you?

Who Should You Pick to be Your Safecall?
Anyone that you trust. Someone that will be there for you and is not afraid to call 911. Someone who is smart enough to realize that all encounters don't end up good.

What information should You give Your Safecall person?
When meeting someone over the internet, you already have their screen name.
Get the full name of the person you are going to meet.
Get their phone number
Their driver's license number
Their address
Place of employment

Some people may or may not want to give out all of this information.
Remember: If something goes really wrong, someone needs to know how to find you. People who are not willing to give most of this information, probably have something to hide.


Once I Have This Information, What Do I Do?
Before meeting with the new person, set up your Safecall. Give the Safecall person all the information you have gathered. Also, set up a code phrase, in case things get out of hand and there's no way for you to tell that to your Safecall person without giving it away. Something simple, like "Yes, my mother knows." It's obscure and doesn't sound to the abuser like a negative statement.
As soon as you meet with the person, call your Safecall. Tell them you've arrived, and make sure they have the information.
Call again two hours later to let them know you are still safe. (Meals and idle chit chat don't usually last more than two hours).
If you met at a restaurant and leave to go to their house, or somewhere else, call again with the new location. It also provides a time line. Again make sure your Safecall has the information. 
Call again in two hours. Either you are about to play or have finished a two hour session. Either way, two hours is a good limit for a first encounter. Any worthwhile Dom or sub should respect that.
If you are staying, call again in two hours. If you plan on sleeping there, let your Safecall know and be sure to call before going to bed and upon waking up. If you're going to a motel, call once you get there.
If you give the new person the name and room number of the hotel, be sure to call your Safecall every 2 hours until you go to bed and again when you wake up. Just because a person is sweet and polite at the restaurant or their house, doesn't mean they're not opportunists. Bundy and Dahmer were charming!
Most first time encounters end up fine. Maybe the people don't get along, but it is not dangerous for either participant. However, the ones that do end up bad, end up very bad. As we always say in the SSC lifestyle, "Err on the side of caution." It's always better to be safe than sorry...or dead. BDSM is NOT abuse.
I'm not making judgment calls on sleeping with people you've just met, only to say to remember to practice safer sex if you choose to engage in that behavior with a brand new partner that you just met.

What If I Don't Know Anyone Who Can Be My Safecall?
One good resource for finding people who have been in the lifestyle for a while and are willing to be Safecalls, even for strangers, is The National Safecall Network ( NOTE: The URL is not available at this time, for some reason. When it becomes available, again, I will relink it. - Bamm!

I have also put together a list of people that I have screened, (and if you want to be one of them, email ) who have been in the lifestyle, and have gone through some basic educational classes that make me feel comfortable recommending them.
In the Austin area (Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park), send an email to any of the people listed below and tell them that you got their name from this list and that you would like for them to be your Safecall. Give them your phone number, so that they can call you. Safecall people want to make sure they are safe, as well. They will give you their phone number, if they are available, or will point you in the direction of someone else, if they are not. Don't be shy. It's what they signed on for.


What a Safecall Person Does

What should the Safecall Person Know or Do?
There are any number of different items that could be useful in helping someone to meet with a new partner. When a person writes to you to ask you to be their Safecall, if you are not sure you can do it, point them towards someone who can.


I used to think that if they would not follow these guidelines to the letter, than I would not be there Safecall.
However, when a person most needs Me is not the time to stand on ceremony or pride. Whatever you can get is better than not getting anything if, god forbid, something should go awry.


Have the person writing to you give you their phone number, and give them a call. You need to protect yourself, as well.


Tell them that they should get certain information from the person they are going to meet. These things are listed above and outlined in the template below.
Tell them to give this information to you, too.


Once you have this information, try to get an idea of what they are planning on doing, where they are planning on going and how long it is supposed to last.
Have a notebook available to write this information down next to their other information.
If they are willing, help them set up a plan if they don't already have one.
Once you have done this, get their name and address.
Ask for pictures of one or both people, if possible, should the need to give this information to the authorities arise.
Come up with a code phrase, such as, "Yes, my mother knows". It's obscure enough not to raise suspicion and doesn't sound to the abuser like a negative comment or statement.

If you hear the code phrase, call 911.
Do not attempt to go and save the person yourself. 
If your caller fails to make contact at a specified time, assume the worst and notify police.

Most meetings go off without a hitch. Most times you will feel almost bored by the monotony of the calls. Usually, if nothing else, you will gain another friendship through the conversations.

A template for you to use is below. Leave room for other information you may be able to gather and feel free to copy and paste the template for you to use in your notebook.


  1. Caller's Name:
  2. Caller's Address:
  3. Caller's Phone number:
  4. Caller's Driver's License number:


  6. Other Person's Name:
  7. Other Person's Address:
  8. Other Person's Phone number:
  9. Other Person's Driver's License number:
  10. Other Person's References:
  11. Other Person's Place of employment:


  13. Code Phrase:
  14. Time of meeting:
  15. Place of meeting:
  16. Date of meeting:


  18. 2nd Time of meeting:
  19. 2nd Place of meeting:


  21. 3rd Time of meeting:
  22. 3rd Place of meeting:


  24. Time of 1st Check in:
  25. Time of Next Check in:
  26. Time of Next Check in:
  27. Time of Next Check in:
  28. Time of Next Check in:


  30. Time date completed:
  31. Notes:

Thank you for being a part of this important endeavor.


Feb 29, 2012 Scenes from session

Lately I have had a client who has really pushed my limits (in a good way) during our sessions.  Wanted to share some picutres because I love them so!  I've included one of the spreader bar he made for me:)

Feb 28, 2012 Spreader Bar!!!!
I am super excited!  A nice spreader bar is something that has been on my wishlist for forever now.  Today I found out that a client of mine is making me one out of wood for our session tomorrow! I love owning things that have stories behind them, especially handmade items.  My favorite flogger was made by my friend out of a candlestick holder and bicycle tire innertubes.  I can't wait to add this spreader to my collection.  Slightly giddy:)
Feb 26, 2012 Naughtiest Photo Shoot to Date!

I had one of the raunchiest photo shoots to date with my good friend and photographer RJ Sart, who has taken some of my favorite pictures of me.  The concept was a dirty, skeezy motel room with skeezy women doing skeezy things.  And, might I say, mission accomplished!  Here is a picture of me about to do a shoot in the nasty, rank shower (I've traveled through India and lived in a barn, and my tolerance for dirt, skuzz, and unhygenic surroundings that might make me sick is probably a lot higher than average).  Honestly, it's not the most flattering picture of me, but the shots where I'm actually posing turned out much sexier.


A daisy train

Threesome on the bed

A sloppy blowjob simulation

Answering the door to the pizza boy's surprise and bewilderment

Eating pizza naked on the bed with four very nice friends

A husband jumping in, making it an orgy

A latex glove left strewn on the floor

I could go on...and fyi most of the explicit sexual stuff was simulated (most...).  Lots of fun and a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Thank you those who participated with me, you know who you are.

Feb 25, 2012 My whipping

So yesterday, for all those not in attendance, was 1763's Deviant Dommes party.  This party is dedicating to letting men come and meet the Dommes, Dom, and sub in a more relaxed atmosphere.  And as the resident submissive I get to have the Dominatrixes show off their skills on me.  A tough job, but I do what I can.  Here is the resulting wreckage of my ass.  Goddess Phoenix, one of the Head Mistresses of House of Domination, went to town with her dragon's tail, which, lucky me, is my personal favorite impact toy.  The scene put me in one of the deepest head spaces I've ever been in.  I had trouble completing sentences for a couple hours afterwards.

As a pro-sub, I deal with a lot of men, a fact that warrants no complaints from me.  However, I had forgotten the joys of subbing for a female Domme.  There is more care, nurturing, and a general frivolity that is only there under a woman's domination.  And I am sure it must be a different experience for them as well, although I've never asked them.  A different connection is almost always present between women, and when it is a kindred one, what a joy it is.  I remember when I was living in Cairo, I read a lot about life in harems, both fiction and nonfiction.  That is where I first began to experientially recognize and explore the bonds that women share when given a sacred space in which to share them, away from men.  And although many people in this culture do not see the harem as a sacred space, most of what I read about the female experience in the harem spoke to a different reality.  And my experience in segregated spaces there, rooms filled only with women, rooms where we would talk, and dance, and gossip, showed me a space of female connection that I had never experienced in this culture.  As a young woman in my early twenties, just at the end of my college experience, it was quite striking.  And I am brought back to that feeling in these rare moments of female connectedness, when the experience cannot in anyway be penetrated by men.  Funny how another woman beating my ass with a whip would be that catalyst, but there it is.

And men, believe me, I do love it when you beat my ass just as much, but just in a different way.  So don't stop, I'll show off your markings when I get them as well:)

Feb 21, 2012 No reason
I just love when packages come in the mail for me, especially when they are kinky.  This is what showed up on my doorstep this morning!
Feb 20, 2012 Come and meet me this Friday!
The 1763 DeViant Dommes are looking for you !

Slave Boy,


We're doing it again! Our DeViant Dommes parties are always just the right mix! Everyone gets to play and it's a fun night for all!


The 1763 DeViant Domme parties are created for you! Come out to 1763 this Friday night to mix, mingle, play and party with the Dominatrix, Master or Submissive of your dreams!

Watch Lil Miss Natalie perform as the nice little sub girl that she is and check out our powerful Dommes as they make you boys drool!


1763 House of Domination offers Atlantas most exquisite Dominas, Transexual Domina, Submissives and Masters!  Our team is beautiful, skilled, intelligent, devious and the best of the best!

Come out for some Friday night fun and forget your work week @ America's largest dungeon, 1763!


Read bios and see photos of all of the 1763 House of Domination team


Find your DeViant playmate  @ 1763

Friday February 24, 2012
9pm - 12am

$50.00 per person, one time membership

Feb 18, 2012 Valentines Day

So it has reached the middle of February.  The day of hearts and chocolates has come and gone.  That day has never meant much to me, and so was it for me this year.  I did seem to get a little more into the spirit of it, though.  I think it was the first time friends and me exchanged "Happy Valentines Day!" texts, which I found a little strange at first, but was also comforting.  I also received a few naughty Valentines Day presents from a patron of mine.  They haven't arrived yet, but they will be a welcome addition to my toy chest!  Remember guys, anything you buy me will earn you several pictures of me in it, if it is lingerie or clothing, or a free 15 minute performance live on cam or on a DVD if it is a toy!

I did go to Decadence at 1763 the Saturday before.  I have limited my really heavy play to once a month because I don't like to be marked up for my clients and cam friends.  But I hadn't played in over two months!  I really needed the crap beat out of me.  Luckily, two of my friends were there and were more than happy to oblige.  I had a nice flogging and whipping with one friend and a satisifying violet wand session from the other.  I should have taken pictures--I still have little marks from the electrified wartenburg wheel running over my body.   There were two newbie kinksters watching, which made it extra rewarding.  I always love being able to introduce people to kink.

In the next week or so I'm hoping to have a few super naughty photo sessions.  I've been talking about having a photo shoot with my bunny tail butt plug for a very long time now and I am determined to make it happen this week.  I'm hoping to have a male friend in the shot with me to make the photos extra sexy/raunchy.  Then this Saturday I will be having a shoot in a run down motel with a couple friends.  Again, I want it as raunchy as it can get.  I mean how else should a shoot be with three hot women in a dirty motel room?!

Feb 4, 2012 Latex Latex Latex
I'll be camming out of a latex vacuum cube at 4pm EST today!  If anyone wants to set up a private cam session let me know!  I'll also be on as submissivenat and as subnatalie.
Jan 30, 2012 Fried Chicken and Pornography

So, January is coming to a close and what better way to end it than with an epic party.  This Saturday was the 4th installment of a little get together that I help throw called Fried Chicken and Porn.  It is just as the title states.  I make homemade fried chicken and we all sit down and watch a porn together.  This was our first time throwing it on a weekend, and it was one of the largest parties any of us hosts has ever thrown.

The movie was Space Nuts, and we decided to make this installment a costume party as well. The costume choices were porn star, redneck, or spaceman.  I went as a porn star, and I seem to be the only person who took that role at all seriously.  You can't see in the pictures, but the bottom of my costume was all leapord print and fishnet.  I wish there were some pictures of me frying chicken as the porn star, but I haven't seen any floating around.  I also wish that I could show some of the funner pictures from the party, but I don't feel comfortable posting any picture with other people in it on this site.

The next day we all recooped with a long trip to Jeju, my favorite Korean spa here in Atlanta.  It was just what I needed after a long night of debauchery:)

On other notes, I've been spending a lot more time doing webcam work this last week.  I love webcam work, but I would love to be doing more live sessions as well.  Come on guys!  Give me a call:)

Jan 12, 2012 New Year, New Tattoos

Well, I've been back in Atlanta for a couple of weeks.  I've actually had a lot of live sessions so I haven't been doing a lot of webcamming.  I should be back on for the weekend though.  It seems like everyone has gotten sick this season and I have been no exception!  I can't wait for spring to return and everybody's health to return to normal.

New years was a blast.  I made a lot of new friends and had some very interesting conversations!  Went to a small loft party in the heart of Seattle.  I stayed out until noon on New Years, the DJ was still spinning when I left.

Looking forward to Sunday.  I'l be doing another shoot with some of my favorite photographers.  I think I'm finally going to get a shot with my bunny tail butt plug.  I have the ears, the wig, and costume ready.  Now I just need the photo!

Oh yeah!  I got some new tattoos while in Seattle.  Actually it is the exact same tattoo on each arm.  Each one starts at the tip of my shoulder and extends down the arm.  I think they are beautiful!

Dec 28, 2011 Seattle Thus Far

I'm having a great time in Seattle.  Visiting my best friend has proved to be as healing and fulfilling as it always is.  I refer to her as my platonic soul mate.  In some ways we are very different, she wakes up to a vigorous yoga practice everyday, and I well....don't.  But we share an introspective disposition that has grown in very similar ways.

I would love to say that I have more friends here, but many of my good friends from when I was living here have either moved or have grown distance.  When I was here I identified completely as a lesbian, so when I converted to bisexual, that whole group of people kind of fell off.  Oh well.  It is what it is.

I used to love this city with a passion that left me sad and empty upon leaving it.  But I seem to have forged a wonderful life in Atlanta, and I can't imagine leaving it now, no matter how progressive and beautiful Seattle is.  I think it is simply that I have found myself and no matter where I am, I will forge a life that possesses bits of myself in it.

On a completely different note,  getting online to cam has proven more difficult than I anticipated.  I finally settled on getting a hotel room and hoping that the internet is fast enough to make it worth my while.  That is where I'll be most of today, so if you are around, come and visit me:)  I have all my toys with me and am looking to have some fun.

Dec 25, 2011 Holidays


Sorry!  I know it's been too long!  I've actually been unbelievabely sick for at least two different weeks this December.  I did get well enough to go out for Santacon on the 19th.  For those of you who don't know, Santacon is a great big pub crawl around Atlanta where everyone dresses up in their Santa outfits.  I Looooooove to get dressed up in costume, and I didn't really go all out for Halloween, so this was my time to shine!!!! I had my face painted up by my friend and dressed up like a candy cane threw up all over me.

In other news, my webcam work has been going really well.  I was voted one week as the best role player, and I came in as #49 in the Hall of Fame for the Dec. 1-15th pay period.  What what!  You know, I've spent a lot of my life not feeling very sexy, and I am really enjoying this time to explore my sexuality.  It is good to hear that it is being appreciated and that I seem to be doing it well:)

I'm currently in Seattle for the holidays visiting my best friend.  My friend is a great photographer and I am hoping to get some nice, sexy photos to put up while I am here.  Stay tuned for that!

Nov 29, 2011 Suspension Video

My friend Mikel Estes just made a video about suspension that features me!  Check it out!

Nov 24, 2011 Happy Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful that I am not cooking this year!!!  I had one year where I went all out and cooked everything from scratch and that was it.  I never want to cook a whole Thanksiving meal ever again.  But I will say that the turkey that year was epic.  I took every culinary trick and stuffed it into that bird and it was soooo delicious.  This year I am following my friend Anna, who is in from out of town, to wherever she is going.

Went out last night with a bunch of friends and ended up dancing my butt off until three in the morning.  Here is a picture of my friend Huey and I.  I really wantedpictures but my phone camera doesn't have flash, so we experimented with key chain flash lights.  I think Huey looks like he invented Tron.

Nov 18, 2011 Song

This is what I can't stop listening to.  It makes me think of my friend Angel because she is such a Gaga freak.


Nov 18, 2011 Photo shoots and Cock 101

So I've had some amazing impromptu photo shoots with Greg Gorman this week!  The first one involved me wrapped in LED lights.  The second one involves me being dominated by an anonymous man.  I'm excited about both of these shoots because they highlight me as the sub I am, while still being artistic. Thank you Greg!

I'm hoping in the next week to do a lot more camming.  After being sick last weekend, I feel like there is a lot of catching up to do!  I'll probably spend all Sunday on IMLive.  I would cam tonight but I'll be going to Master D's class "Cock 101", presented in conjunction Georgia Femme Domme's Society.  So excited.  I love Master D, who is a Dom here at HOD.  I know he is going to have a lot of great things to teach!  Maybe I'll leave after the class is over and see if I can't catch a few hours online:)

Nov 7, 2011 This Week
Uneventful week this week.  I had a wonderful shoot with the very talented Bob Orstedt as well as attending fellow House Domme Lola Bohemia's birthday party. Here is a picture of Lola's handiwork.  She painted a corset on my front.  I wish I had gotten a picture of my back, where she scripted the words Lola's Bitch--actually, maybe it's good I didn't get that in print:)
Nov 1, 2011 Clips4Sale



I just spent Halloween weekend in Philly with my friend Harry.  Now, Harry's kink is that he loves watching women dress in and out of lingerie, stockings, and shoes, which I love!  I've also been trying to get 10 clips up so that my Clips4Sale sight can become official.  So I thought, why don't we kill two birds with one stone.  So tada, we spent a large portion of the weekend with Harry filming me dressing and undressing into various arrangements of sexy clothing.  Six clips later, I have my Clips4Sale store up and running!!!!  So come check it out!

Lola Bohemia and I will be videoing some today--doing more bondage type stuff that highlights my submiissiveness.  And tomorrow I should be shooting with Master D and Kountessa.

And for Halloween I was a naughty flight attendant, as shown in the picture:


Oct 25, 2011 Camming and Video

So my client base is beginning to grow, and I'm really excited.  I'm so glad that I get to do something that I enjoy as my job.  In the interim times at the dungeon, I've started webcam modeling at under the name submissivenat.  The House has recently hired Lola Bohemia as a house Domme, and she has been teaching us the art of webcamming.  She and I have also opened a webcam host account on imlive together, under the name FetishFantasies.  I think it will be a lot of fun to have her dominate me on cam. We are complete opposites--she is a buxom gothy looking woman, whereas I come across as your little girl next door.

Lola and I taking pictures for our profile picturex.Lola and I taking pictures for our profile picture.

I've also been starting to tape some video to put up on clips4sale, although that is going kind of slowly.  I am getting the help of Vincent Arasin and Goddess Phoenix.  Together I think we can create some extremely interesting footage.  Vincent has me suspended by one foot while forcing me to orgasm in one of them--very intense.  I will keep everyone updated on the progress as it roles....


Oct 11, 2011 DomCon Weekend

Just finished up a big weekend of lifestylers and professionals this weekend at DomCon Atanta.  Unfortunately I was sick for the first day, which I heard was a lot of fun.  Apparently, at the play party I missed, Mistress Melissa was given a standing ovation for her flogging scene.  I would have given anything to have seen it.

Catalyst and I

Saturday and Sunday were great though!  I got there just in time to be in the fashion show, and was dressed up in a beautiful corset.  It looked so good on, that the owner gave it to me at a really good discount as long as I told everyone where I got it.  I also won second place in the DomCon pet awards.  That night I attended the play party at 1763.  The place was packed!  I did two scenes, both of which I really enjoyed.  I did a double scene with little catalyst, my fellow sub at the House of Domination.  We were chained up together and given a flogging by Vincent Arasin.  Because catalyst had to leave early, we had to cut the scene short, and I was iching for more.  The second scene was much more intense, as the bruises on my butt will attest to, and I was really able to get into a good sub space.

Sunday saw me serving at the Mistresses tea in geisha costume and makeup.  Hopefully I will have pictures coming soon.  It was fascinating seeing so many lifestylers in the same place.  I didn't get to make it to as many classes as I would have liked, but I was able to see Mistress Melissa give a talk about posturing.  Her approach toward teaching submissives really peaked my intrest.  And, although I'm not ready to become a 24/7 slave, the idea intrigued me.


Me dressed as a geisha while Milady Amazon and Goddess Phoenix test out whips on my bottom:)

Sep 19, 2011 Photography weekend

What a fun weekend.  Pictures, pictures, pictures!  On Saturday, I went to the Fetish Photography shoot.  I went out in my new corset, that I was so proud of wearing, and within five minutes the photographers asked me to take it off and shoot me topless.  I'm not sure how many people were there, probably fifty give or take.  Hopefully I'll have some good shots from it.

Sunday I had a shoot with Zappastache and the wonderful Amazon Witch Doctor.  I was an innocent school girl being corrupted by Amazon.  We staged out in the woods on a picnic bench, which was actually pretty hot.  It ended with me tied up and bent over the table while Amazon flogged and paddled me.  We did a second shoot with me suspended in rope from a tree. Hopefully i will have some pictures from some of the shoots up soon!

Sep 11, 2011 Decadence at 1763
Well, my whole weekend seems to have been spent at 1763:)  Went to 1763 Decadence party and what amazing fun it was.  i got to do a lot of playing, I feel so lucky to be doing a job that I enjoy so much.   I was suspended, got to play with the violet wand, and then got a pretty good flogging.
Sep 10, 2011 Deviant Dommes

I went to 1763's Deviant Dommes party last night.  It was a smaller affair, but I enjoyed the intimacy and getting to know the different people who showed up.  I had not had a lot of experience with caning and whipping, so I asked Mistress Whip if she would do that for me.  And she was happy to oblige.

I straddled the bench for her and she proceeded to give me a good caning, while giving another Domme some tips on technique.  At first I didn't know if I could handle it, the stinging on my bottom, and I had the urge to say "yellow" after a few of the harder strokes.  But the funny thing is that after a while, as she worked over me with lighter strokes, I would crave those harder stings.  Funny the juxtaposition of pain and yearning.

After that, Goddess Phoenix worked me over with a dragon's tail.  Apparently, my bottom can stand a lot of lashes, and I have the markings to prove it.  Hopefully I will have pictures up soon.  Mistress Whip had me go look at myself in the mirror, but the lighting was dim and the full extent of my markings did not reveal myself until I got home.  I love them, they are like a badge of honor that I carry with me underneath my clothes.