Do you do outcalls?

Yes I do, selectively.  Normally, I session out of Dungeon Studios, a beautiful dungeon located in the East Point/Lakewood area of Atlanta.  Don’t be scared by the thought of coming to a dungeon. The atmosphere is quite laid back at it is very private!

If I do agree to do an outcall I observe extremely strict safety call protocols.

What exactly is a dungeon?

For a thorough explanation, please see

How do I schedule an appointment?

There are two ways to schedule an appointment:
Are sessions discreet?

Yes, very!  Dungeon Studios is not on a main road, with parking set away from street view.
What can I expect in a session?

A session works best if you can give me a description of what you are looking for via email beforehand. That way I will know what toys to bring and how to best prepare myself. Sessions are what you make of them, I am here to serve. Please look at my list of Likes and Limits for some ideas.

Left to my own devices, I tend to be more of an more obedient, formal sub; I don't talk unless I'm spoken to and I follow directions to my absolute best ability.  But there are lots of other flavors of submission that I happily embrace.  Some Doms enjoy a more informal session, with more banter and less protcol.  Other Doms even enjoy a bratty sub that talks back, baits, teases, and even disobeys her Dom.  Some enjoy fear in their submissives eyes and others enjoy subs begging for forgiveness.  I can be all of these things, just let me know what your preference is and I will happily oblige.  I like to think that one of my better traits as a pro is reading subtle cues of my Dominant, but I am definitely not a mind reader, and if you have a specific request, that is just as great!

What do you expect from your clients?

The main things I expect is respect for my stated boundaries and promptness.  I expect that if you can't make your appointment that you will call and let me know as soon possible, just as with any other appointments you make.  Any one who does not show up to his or her appointment or cancels within one hour of it will be required to put down a $50 deposit if he or she ever requests another appointment.

In addition, I am only submissive to you during the time that you pay me for.  That means that I do not act submissive during our phone calls, texts, or emails.    I deal with a lot of people in my phone calls, many rude and/or slightly "off".  If I acted submissive to everyone who called, I would be taken advantage of all the time.  Also, if we have set up a session together, please do not text me constantly before the session.  As a rule, limit the number of texts to about five before each session.  Any other questions can be dealt with at the beginning of the session.  Please see my blog post How Not to Treat a Professional Submissive.

What are your favorite things to do?

The main thing that I enjoy is simply being dominated. Other than that, I am very open with my likes. I like the sting of the whip as much as I like worshipping feet or modeling lingerie. I live to please who I am with, and if I am doing that, it is a huge turn on for me.
You seem like you like a lot of pain. Is it OK if that is not what I am into?

Many people would consider me as a "heavy bottom", as in I have a pretty serious masochistic streak.  So, for all of those men who enjoy a pain slut, I can definitely fit the bitll.  However, I would describe myself as more of a mental player than a physical one.  That means that I find role plays and sensual domination just as fulfilling.  I enjoy many scenes that have no pain in them at all!
Is it OK if I've never dominated before

Absolutely!  I work with a lot of people who have never explored the realm of domination.  I have plenty of toys to suit anyone, from the newbie to the highly experienced Dom.  Don't worry about hurting me, I will be very clear when something is too much for me.  As a rule, it is always better to start off slow and light and work your way faster and harder.  When you start off light, if there is something in your technique that might cause harm if you were to do it harder I can quickly spot it before it actually hurts me.

I can also direct you to online resources that will help you gain knowledge about the use of different toys.  A great place to start is  This website has tutorials on almost every aspect of BDSM and kink and I cannot say enough good things about it.  I am constantly watching it and there are great bits of knowledge for newbies and experienced kinksters alike.  It is also a way to see very normal people talk about all the really strange kinks that you may feel weird and awkward asking questions about.  Another website to check out is  This is a quick guide to almost every term you will find in BDSM.  Some clients who are new ask for feedback after sessions, which I am happy to give.  This feedback is never given as a critique, but always in a spirit of creating open communication and learning.  Pease take a look at the testimonials page for reviews from some of my patrons, both experienced and new.

What type of people do you like to see?

I enjoy all types of people. Don’t be ashamed of any kink that you have, I never hold judgement. I enjoy all genders, body types, sexual orientations, and ethnicity. And I love trying new things.
Do you see couples?

Most definitely. I look forward to any arrangement, whether it be subbing for both people, or having a person join me in submission.
Do you allow marking?

Absolutely!  I honestly don't understand professional submissives that don't allow it.  I am a heavy bottom and I consider my high pain threshold to be one of the skills I offer to my clients and something that makes me worth the money I charge.

I don't necessarily charge extra for marking.  I do, however, ask that, as a courtesy, if you mark me to the point that I might not be able to work in the coming days that you tip me $50 or so.  This is by no means mandatory and I won't hold a grudge if it is not given.

I also consider it a well appreciated courtesy for you to tell me if you are an extremely heavy player.  When playing heavy with my personal play partners, I usually expect them to provide me with aftercare .  Paid sessions do not offer that luxury so I need to be prepared to provide that aftercare for myself.

What is the tipping policy?

Tipping is not expected but appreciated.  I do not charge extra for marking, but I suggest that if you mark me to the point that someone might not want to work with me afterwards that a tip of $50 be given.  This is by no means required and I will not be offended if you don't give it.  Also, tokens of appreciation are always welcome, you can look at my wishlist if that is something that interests you.
Can you dominate me?

Yes, I can.  But, honestly, that is not my forte. There are plenty of Dommes that have a lot of experience with domination. However, if you are attached to the idea, I can be a switch. When Domming I enjoy really following the energy of the exchange.  I like my actions to speak for themselves and I don't talk a lot.  I want my words to have import, for them to carry the energy of your subjugation and submission with them.  I don't scream and yell a lot unless you piss me off and I really feel that you deserve it!  In other words, I'm a sensual Domme.
Do you take requests for special outfits?

I have a variety of outfits available, and will provide it if I have it on hand. If I do not, you are welcome to bring the outfit with you or buy it for me. Please see my wishlist for costumes that I am interested in purchasing, it may provide what you are looking for, or some helpful ideas.
Do you take requests for specific toys?

Just as in outfits, I have a large variety of toys and gear.   If there is something that is not available, you are welcome to buy one for me or to bring your own. Please inquire ahead of time whether it is OK to bring your own gear, and I have the right to refuse to use the gear if it does not look clean or hygienic. Anything inserted inside of me must be mine, have been sterilized in an autoclave and sealed, or have a condom on it (probably two).  If you bring insertable toys you must bring the condoms to put over them.