Sinfull, sultry, alluring, tantalizing, captivating-- she commands not just your mind but your very being as she transforms your innermost desires by taking them to new heights--from new perspectives--elevating your experience--making it impossible to accept anything less from anyone else ever again. Her seduction is addictive. She has an innate ability to tap into your phyche and transport you to realms you did not know you desired nor how to reach them if you did. Many doms/subs try to comprehend the intricacies of your fetish and create a scene that will respond to your needs--she BECOMES the fetish itself and takes you with her. It does not matter which side of the lash you are on, you will never be sure if you are the spider or the fly--nor will you care when she takes you to the pinnacle of your satisfaction. Yes, she is the best I have ever experienced and I can't wait till the next....... LG


Natalie, is a very sweet and accommodating provider.  The pictures on her website are both current and accurate.  Therefore she is extremely attractive.

I have had the pleasure of meeting with her on two different occasions. Although this is my first experience with a Sub, Natalie has been very understanding and patient and lets has let me know upfront what her limits are and I know that as long as her clients respect her limits there is nothing she won’t do to please her masters.

In just two visits I have been able to explore a number of my fantasies which she made come true, and hope she will help me explore and fulfill more fantasies in future sessions.  To anyone who is curious I highly recommend Natalie to explore this experience and to seasoned or experienced Master I could not imagine any Sub who would be more accommodating.

Sincerely J.


Recently had a great experience doing a hard bondage session with Natalie few days back. I am a long time player in the scene and have worked with players in both CA and NYC. Without doubt, Natalie comes across as a person who really likes what she does and with considerable experience in dom sub play. She easily understands the session dynamics, extent of submissive behavior liked and not liked by the dominant and really builds the atmosphere very well and very quickly. She is completely submissive and can yet offer the benefit of her experience in such a way that it blends beautifully into the session. And she looks really sexy and appealing in ropes and scarves. Looking forward to a longer term session soon ! --J


My live session with Lil Miss Natalie was more fun than I had even hoped for! It's not just the basics like being punctual, professional, and prepared - within 5 minutes it felt like I was with a longtime kinky friend. Natalie is funny, very intelligent, and just plain fun to play with. She is the consummate submissive, but also happy to help you lead if you need her to. Being three times as cute in person as she is in her pictures doesn't hurt either. Already can't wait for my next trip to visit Atlanta. --C.K.


Playing with lil miss natalie is, in a single word, an EXTRAORDINARY experience.  Her submission obviously comes both deeply and naturally to her, she has very few limits, and her sexual capacity and responsiveness are as good as I have ever known: this woman can CUM like very few others!  I was in fact sufficiently overwhelmed by her presence after our first session that I spent about thirty extra minutes driving around Atlanta just trying to find my way back home, hopelessly lost in the exquisitely fresh memory of what had just occured.

During our second session we encountered a technical problem of sorts with one of the toys I wanted to use, but we got creative and managed to improvise something that turned out even better than what I had planned.  She is willing and able to take a tremendous amount of stimulation all across the spectrum of sensation -- and clearly both enjoys and is aroused by doing so.  I found her to be open to and even enthusiastic about trying new things I wanted her to, which I consider to be one of the most desirable characteristics a submissive can possess.  And once we got deeper into experimenting with my newly improvised torment, she was even giving me suggestions on how I could "kick it up a notch!"  Talk about BAM!!

Simply put, having some time to play with lil miss natalie is about the BEST Christmas present any self-respecting kinky pervert could ever ask for!  --C


When I lived in Los Angeles, I would sometimes go to one of the BDSM pro houses in L.A. for a session with various pro submissives. I have long since moved and now lived in Washington DC, but wanted another session with a submissive. Discovered Lilmissnatalie and had a few excellent Skype sessions with her and so decided to have an live 7 hour extended session (To make it worthwhile flying down to Atlanta)
It was the best money I ever spent per bdsm. One problem with pro submissives is they often have multiple and unexpected limits as well as trying to take control of the session. Lilmissnatalie let me use her (within her stated limits, which included of course, no sex) as I saw fit. She is a real very normal girl, with a happy willyiness’ to truly be nothing more but a total slave girl (again within her very, limited limits) during the session. In short I had sessions with probably at least 20 professional submissives in my life and she is as good as any and far better than most. I cannot recommend her too highly.  --R


Lilmissnatalie is an artist and a muse.  She is a callipygian, that brave vibration each way free.  She is a lovely instrument to be played until every tone, and note, and emotion is wrung free.   Natalie moves like a woman should, all smooth and round.   Play her skilfully and she becomes a beauty - transcends herself - channeling pain, and pleasure, humiliation and emotion.   Bind her, beat her and she will give thanks. She is sexy on her knees worshiping the foot in her mouth.   Natalie cums in colours,  Again and again.  And then again, revelling in sensations of intense pain, pleasure, and everything in between.  Natalie is an instrument.  Sexy, beautiful, and ready to play. --W


This was my first time hiring a pro sub and I was a little aprehensive at first. I have what I consider to be a way off the wall kink and everyone else whom I tried to hire was scared away. Everyone except for dear Miss Natalie. She returned my call within the hour, listened briefly to me describe my kink, and within 3 hours we met for the first time. This fact alone was enough to impress me, but the night was just getting started and she would continue to impress the entire evening.

When she walked in the door I noted how beautiful she was but I soon found out that she was also very intelligent. We had a brief 10 minute session where we both laid down some simple rules about the encounter and then we were off to playing out my fantasy! She flowed effortlessly into my kink even though it was her first time trying it. She was immediately captivated and enjoyed herself to such a degree that I actually took a break from my own fantasy to marvel at how well this woman molded herself to my desires. It was truly an epic experience for me! My mind exploded in the excstasy of finally finding someone who truly understood me.

Miss Natalie is a rare breed of person who has the magical ability of reading your emotions and then internalizing them as her own. It was clear that her enjoyment of our encounter was partly based on her seeing how much I actually enjoyed it. Indeed, what better quality for a sub to have than to take your kink as her own? I've spent hours reminiscing on the encounter and I can't wait to call on her again. I highly recommend her to anyone with unusual kinky desires. She WILL understand you! -FM


I am the dominate wife of a very submissive husband and have had the opportunity to role play with this first class, professional submissive on numerous occasions.  I wanted to share with you my experience with Lil Miss Natalie.  You could not ask for a better submissive, period!  Lil Miss Natalie is in this to please you.  She is sensual, sexy, alluring and one amazing role player.  She will not only meet your expectations she will exceed them, on her knees at your feet, over your knee or bound in any way imaginable this woman will satisfy you.  She will take you to places you have never been and have you begging for more.  Erotic, sexual, committed are only a few words to describe this professional submissive.  Look no further, you have found the one you were looking for.  Call her won't regret it!


Lil Miss Natalie is superb in every way.  My wife and I came to her in order to fulfill my fantasies about being spanked with another girl.  My wife was the dominate spanker and Natalie and I role played misbehaving teens and were given a good spanking.  Here is why Natalie is so good:  First, she cares and listens to what your fantasies are and is totally committed to carrying it out with you or for you.  Second, she is very professional, but at the same time very sweet and easy to talk to about your fetish.  Third, she is a great role player and totally commits herself to the role.  Fourth, Natalie is a great submissive and only wants to please not only the one dominating her, but me, her co-submissive.  Fifth, Natalie gives me feedback after each session.  Sixth, Natalie is very sexy, with eyes that are simply breath taking.  And seventh, Natalie can take a really hard spanking and is willing to try things with me that she has never done before.  Simply put, my wife and I love her and cannot get enough of her.   We are looking forward to our fourth and not final play date with this very sensual and passionate submissive.


Miss natalie is a slave. You can treat her as such. I use her on a regular basis. She will do as commanded. She serves your will. Her pleasure is of no importance. Yours is all that matters to her. I like to indulge myself as I humiliate her to the fullest reaches of my shadowy desires, and I revel in the ensuing debauchery.

Discipline her. Disrespect her. Control her. Man-handle her. Satisfy your perverse cravings. She will kneel at your feet and be obedient to you. Strip her of her dignity and lay your words and your will upon her like the lash of a whip. Her self-respect will not stand in the way of her submission to you. You own her. She will not let that escape her thoughts during the session. I have laid witness to it.

She is an object of servitude for you to explore your creative and devious side. Satiate your ravenous hunger for lewd and carnal delights, and she will beg to honor you by going further and deeper if you so wish it. You must respect her limits, but otherwise take what you want from her. She is a merely a set of tits and an ass that lie before you in submission, what you do with it is up to your own imagination. Release it from the confines that you must normally place upon it, let it run free, and see your cock rise to the occasion, as I have done. --D


I had watched her play at a gathering in a local private dungeon. The scene was intense and dramatic, and she was loving it. Here was the Real Thing: courageous, self assured, determined, amusing, fun, and beautiful. I wanted a session with her.

All these qualities are indeed wonderful, but they’re not enough because a Professional Submissive has an exceedingly difficult job.  She (or he) must set clear boundaries to preserve the legality and morality of her practice and protect her psychological and physical health. At the same time, she is called upon to bend to the will of a dominant whose personality and level of experience is oftentimes unknown to her in advance.  All these demands make her job one that very few can do well, so I was trying very hard not to set my expectations too high. I needn’t have worried: Natalie is among the very best of those very few.

We started with her showing me her collection of toys. She pulled them out of her suitcase and displayed them with obvious pride and pleasure, all carefully packaged and well looked-after … each one a delightful invitation to play. It was obvious that she loves what she does. Then I showed her the toys I’d brought with me, and told her the stories of a couple of them. She understood that toys have stories.  The beginning of a bond …

Time to warm up - let’s do something reassuring to begin with, but with enough of an edge to suggest that this won’t be boring. Wow! What a beautifully expressive girl, both in sound and movement! Learning a new partner’s body language is such fun, especially when she actually means what she says. I’d negotiated in advance the kind of scene I wanted, and was glad that she was able to describe her preferences and requirements clearly and authentically before we met.

Very soon, we both relaxed completely into the rhythm of our play. That’s such a compliment from a Submissive, when you realize she’s probably unsure whether this new dominant might accidently hit her thighs while aiming for her shoulder blades! But she quickly realizes all is well.

Time to increase the intensity. She stays with me, every step of the way, giving herself permission to fly but still totally aware.  We had discovered we could trust one another, so we could go hard. The dynamic was awesome: a great connection!

Timing is always difficult - I get lost in the moment. But Natalie had set up a gentle, unobtrusive way of keeping to schedule with chimes from a timer.  It worked well, and we finished right on time.  Only it felt like we could have gone on for a couple more hours at least. It was the kind of scene you’d like to follow by holding your submissive for an hour while you both wind down, but alas, that luxury was not available to us.

Nevertheless, we did talk for a while. Natalie told me a little about her story. She is young and vibrant, wise and thoughtful, mindful of her own needs and limits but devoted to pleasing. Natalie is indeed an exceptional person! -C


Natalie is the first pro-sub I've ever seen.   You have to understand the difference between a pro-sub and an escort.
Unlike an escort, sex is not on her menu but so much more is.  Natalie will quickly and easily bend to your will. She has a wonderfully high pain threshold as a spankee.  In short if your comfortable with her limits you're
going to have an amazing time. -B



Natalie was incredible. I visited her for the first time about ago. My kink is a little on the tamer side of things and I'd never done anything like this before so I was naturally apprehensive at first. Natalie put my mind at rest from our first communication and even though those exchanges were limited my intuition told me that this is a very caring person. When the day finally arrived for our session, it was everything I had hoped for. She is sexy and beautiful of course, but I also felt instantly at ease with her. We spent a few minutes discussing what I wanted and her boundaries and then just played. It was great.  Having seen some her videos on youtube, I was afraid she would find my clothing fetish a little boring. I guess that's the beauty of being a submissive - she was all about pushing the right buttons that excited me and that made the whole experience very gratifying. The location was also perfect. Very discreet.






I have seen a few submissives before and I have to say that Natalie is the best.  She has a nice slim and sexy body and a beautiful face. She is also fairly easy to set up an appointment with. This was the first time I have visited her, so it took me a few minutes to find her location. She was waiting for me at the door and welcomed me in. She gave me a big hug and then, she took a few minutes to show me around and also show me her toys.  I found this was a great way to start the session because we got to know each other a little bit.   Her dungeon is large, private, and well equipped.

The best part is Natalie's attitude.  She is perfectly willing to please you and do whatever you want as long as you honor her posted limits.  She has little trouble taking a reasonable amount of pain.  I was fairly gentle on her, but I could see from the marks on her nicely shaped ass that she can take a great deal more than I gave her.  I did give her some painful strokes, but I spent more time inspecting her lovely little body.  I very much appreciate that her body is free of piercings and is not covered in tattoos.  This adds to the atmosphere of innocence and submissiveness.  I really hope she stays that way as this is not typical these days.  Natalie will obey your commands, let you enjoy her body as you please.

She seems to enjoy what she does and will give you 100% of her attention during the session.  There was absolutely no rush at all.  She was completely enjoyable.  If you have a desire to meet a true submissive, then Natalie is best that I know of.  You won't regret a session with her.  Honor her limits and treat her with respect.  I plan to visit her again and again. --J




I am a Dominant who has seen miss natalie several times. First of all, she is gorgeous. She is even more attractive than the photos on her website would suggest. She has long legs that go all the way to heaven. She also has a variety of delightful outfits to suit every red blooded male's fantasies. She loves to role play and can be your incompetent secretary, your naughty schoolgirl... What is most impressive about a session with natalie is her commitment to the scene and her total involvement with it. You are not with a woman who is going through the motions, she is totally committed in her submission to you. Although scenes with her can be very intense, there are also moments of fun and laughter. She has an extraordinary tolerance for pain and discomfort within a session and, if the circumstances are right, can enter a deep subspace. It is OK ( with prior negotiation) to leave marks on her skin. She has an extensive selection of impact toys from gentle to exceptionally severe. She can tolerate nipple clamps and even has weighted ones. She does not provide any sexual services, but has a collection of toys that she will use on herself under your direction. She loves her bunny tail butt plug and, with a vibrator, can orgasm for prolonged periods of time and her sessions can be exceptionally erotic. If you are relatively inexperienced, she can offer guidance during a scene. She never "tops from the bottom", but can help you with technique I consider myself an experienced Dom and have learnt a surprising amount from her during our scenes, from flogger techniques to a better understanding of aftercare. If you are a "newbie" do not feel embarrassed or ill at ease. The first time that I met her, she immediately made me feel comfortable as we negotiated our scene and my expectations. She provides her services at a couple of discreet, very private locations.--P



I had my first session with Miss Natalie several weeks ago which was unbelievably extraordinary.  I have become a fairly experienced player, usually session with a Domme but relatively inexperienced regarding subs. My  central interest is extremely stringent bondage,and it  was amazing  Miss Natalie was up to the task. We did the session in a wonderful dungeon in nice warehouse area, very secluded and quiet. I was a little early and I waited for her outside. Suddenly I saw this young nicely dressed beautiful very hot and in shape woman go to the warehouse door. I knew it was her.   She called me inside, and up  the back steps to the dungeon I went. She immediately made me feel very much at home. Any time dealing with a new partner I'm always a bit nervous but she put me  at ease right away. We locked the door and got comfortable talking for a while.  She offered me something to drink. As I had seen outside I was really struck how hot she was, with a very tight body that  is  important to me. She just was so friendly and warm we  had ant immediate chemistry together. So she began by showing me her toys which were fantastic. She was very proud of them and got a big smile on her face as she showed them to me. Clearly she has a great true love of bondage and edge play. She was particularly proud of the gag she showed me, a new  panel gag from Mr.S leather with a penis insert which was particularly intriguing.  Gagging is one of the most erotic fetishes for me. There's nothing quite like the look and sound of a well gagged female trying to talk, making slight umphing sounds, and as a switch I can get the same feeling when I am in session. I am quite proud of my ability to take a large butterfly blowup that can be inflated to the point of breath control beyond even gagging where  no air passes, really on the edge. I told her about this thinking this is beyond anything she would want to do. To my amazement she was very intrigued by it, this would be a great challenge for her and she would love to try this. I just could not believe what I was hearing, a  superhot woman with the same turn on as me. Of course in any B&D relationship mutual trust is extremely essential. I knew that her website said no gagging and tying the same time at the first session.  She reviewed her rules and limits with me regarding this,  pointing out that she could be tied tightly and could take it. There was no doubt in my mind that she was being genuine,  was very turned on and not just acting.   So we started with a fantasy scene where I had abducted her and she would make some mild resistance to get away and then I would progressively tie her  up. So I put her in a nice stringent hogtie, elbows tied together almost touching, and then tied her wrists.  Then I wrapped some rope around her boobs and over her shoulders.   She was trussed tight. I could tell it hurt a bit but she could take it.   I let her get up and try to escape out the door but of course did not allow her to unlock it. Perhaps I should have  let her get into the warehouse and give the guys a thrill, but will save for next time, Ha! but at that point I tied her ankles and  below her knees,  then attached a rope from the breast harness to her ankles, and pulled hard,  nicely arching her back. She was helpless and going nowhere. I could see her squirm and barely move, clearly it was starting to hurt.  I asked and  she said it was a really tight tie. I could see she was turning on and she had told me I really could play with her body very intimately even though there was no sex. She allowed me to feel her nice boobs... She was really trussed now. But she seemed to be going into subspace and love that it was hurting I'm sure. After playing, We lay together for a while both sweating, until it was time for me to untie her. We talked for quite a while mainly about plans for the future. She told me of ideas she had and I had planned some great gags for her to get to add to her collection which should be arriving any day now. Once they are here we will plan another session soon so I can try them out.  She assures me next time she does trust me and knows that mutual pleasure is what we are at. And it is amazing to me that we have the same kinky turnons. So I think Natalie is a wonderful superhot genuine true submissive turned on by being dominated and I think with responsible caring Doms ecstasy will await both her and her partner (which is very important to me). I plan on this being the start of a long term relationship that I hope will go on for many years. I have to drive 350 miles to see her but believe me there is not another like her within a thousand miles.  Alex Smith


Natalie is a unique! It was my first session with her and I loved every minute of it. Starting from the first contact everything felt natural and easy going.
And once we played I did not want it to stop. She is smooth, sweet, full of grace and incredibly sexy. I have "sessioned" with quite a few people and very seldomly came across someone like Natalie. She rocks!


I've never been with a pro submissive but wanted to see what the experience would be like. Natalie took time to explain everything before the session began and dealt really well with my lack of experience and imagination in terms of what I wanted to do. Truth is I was nervous enough about the experience that she asked the Dom whose dungeon we were using to join us for a few minutes and that helped at lot. Aside from being nervous the pictures on her website are of an attractive woman, but she is so far beyond just being attractive it's incredible, and for me that was a bit disarming. I had read the likes & dislikes on her site and knew what was and what wasn't allowed but combine nervous, with her being gorgeous, and it just led me to want to do all the things to her that weren't allowed. It also probably didn't help with my focus on the experience I was there for. Luckily I relaxed and we had a very different experience from anything I have done before that for me was incredibly sexual and yet well within the confines of her rules. She's incredible looking, perfect in shape and form, intelligent, engaging, and I want to understand the experience I came to see her to have much better than the two hours we had allowed. I would say to anyone see her. I plan to see her again & again!

I had read the like and dislikes on Natalie's site and knew that as a pro submissive that sex was not part of what was offered. If she had looked like the pictures on her site I might have been content to move immediately to playing with the toys she brought with her, but she is stunning and my mind went directly to all the things I knew we couldn't do. It took a bit of time to settle in and try a few things. The part of this I have to wrap my mind around is that she derives pleasure from things I wouldn't naturally do. Things that cause her some level of pain.

She did suggest a bit of sexual play and after inserting (she inserted it) a bunny tail butt plug she laid back on a padded rail and I used a monster of a vibrator on her for far longer than any woman I know could endure. Usually after an orgasm their clit becomes far to sensitive to continue but Natalie either had one very, very long orgasm or a lot of smaller ones. Her legs became shaky, she was covered with a very light almost dew like layer of sweat after a bit, and she was more vocal than any woman I have ever had any sort of sexual experience with. It wasn't acting when she convulsed and contorted on the padded rail. I had remained clothed throughout the session, which afterward I realized was a mistake. Contact at a certain level does not appear to an issue with her and skin on skin at any level with her would have been amazing.

I spent the last couple of days reading online about S & M. About submissives and the mind fuck part of the session, and I hope that the next time spent with her is more enjoyable for her. As for me It was very different, I enjoyed it, and I want to delve deeper. The issue for me may be the level of attraction to her I feel in a very normal and conventional sexual manner, and assuring that I don't fail to respect her boundaries. I do understand boundaries and I just have to find the pleasure in the experience with her within her boundaries. But the one thing I know for sure is I will see her again.


Today was my first session with a pro submissive. I was totally impressed with what I experienced before, during, and after the session. Never had anyone so willing to communicate and answer questions before the session was actually scheduled. Natalie's ass was so inviting that I actually paddled her rather hard. Never heard a safe word; she never moved from position; she never  wiggled during the spanking. Other avenues of play were accepted in like manner. Beautiful, enduring, accomodating, filled with a most personable personality -- what else might one need? I recommend her and plan to see her again soon. --D


WOW! a pretty face, beautiful body and smoothest skin! You will love her charming and cheerful little personality which will soothe and put you at ease. Very nice spankable ass! If you saw her walking through the grocery store you would definatly be checking her out.A true submissive, trust me! And smells so sweet and clean.Treat yourself! —G


*Note: For those who might not understand, in this review, when he refers to limits, he is talking about  pain limits or limits around heavy marking.
When you go to see a pro-sub for the first time you cannot help but have a lot of questions. The most important being: Will it be a true experience and not one where my desires and needs are thwarted at every corner by somebody not wanting to give herself fully to the experience or imposing extremely restrictive limits? This is even more of worry for me as I am mostly in impact play where these limits can be reached quickly.

Natalie is everything but that. The two hours we spent together were a pleasure from start to finish. Her limits are so high that I did not seem to be able to reach them (believe me I tried and in two hours you can). Some of the implements (in particular one) had amazing effect on her, both physically and psychologically. Her responses were a delight. She gave herself fully to the session and seemed to be able to understand my mood at different times, reacting to them without me having to explain in details what I wanted/needed.

An overall amazing experience and probably the best I ever had from a pro-sub.


I would like to give my highest recommendation to Miss Nat, whose sub attributes are among the finest I've encountered. Her attention to detail, perception with mental cues and her intelligence with respect to the nuances of this art have allowed me to enjoy many focused sessions with her. My requirements for posture during a punishment are challenging, and despite my strict discipline, she has always maintained perfect sub behavior. She is indeed a rare find and we are fortunate to have her in Atlanta. --J


As a man who has never entered into such a situation, Lil Miss Natalie really has the mental fortitude to keep you at ease and teach you the ropes (no pun intended...actually, yes, I knew there was a pun in that). She also keeps it extremely erotic and seemingly genuine, while, somehow, maintaining a strict professionalism. The few sessions I shared with this beautiful woman will never be forgotten. I can only speak for newbies, in that the more experienced doms will likely have more insightful critiques, but she puts amateurs at ease and truly makes them feel like they are doing a good job. She is a pleasure to be around and fulfills desires. I sincerely believe that the more respect you show her for what she is doing, the more kinky she will get. It's role-play guys, so be gentlemen while taking a whip to her ass and calling her a bitch. --G


Thanks for a great time.  It was awesome.  Much more than I expected.
I did feel like a "fish to water".  I was surprised at how natural it felt.
I am enjoying letting my imagination run wild with possibilities for our next session! --P


I had an amazing time with Natalie today.  First of all, she is beautiful, has an awesome body (she's thin but that's what I like) and she is sweet and accomodating.  We had a switch session.  We started out with me in the dominant role.  I punished her by spanking her sweet ass (hard) and pinching and slapping her perky pink nipples to my satisfaction as she winced with pain yet thanked me each time.
As planned, we switched roles after a while and she took over control, doing pretty much to me what I did to her.  She is not a natural dominant but did fine.  I relinquished control happily.  It was wonderful.  We told each other that we loved each other and for that moment we meant it - at least I did. I will repeat. --M


I reccommend Miss Natalie without hesitation! Not only is she beautiful, but she is very open minded and eagar to please. She is willing to try new things and push her boundries as she see's fit. He body is stunning- looks good and smells incredible! She is a very sexually charged woman and it shows during session. I really hope I have the opportunity to see her again. --L


I saw lilmissnatalie for the first time.  Her name is not quite accurate.  She is not "little".  She stands tall and graceful, with a slim natural body.  We had an excellent scene together.  Boundaries and safe words were clearly established before we started (they are mostly on her website).  She looked very cute in black high heels, black stockings and a short Japanese type tunic.  The room was well equipped for all types of bondage and suspension.  She had set up the room well with all the toys we had discussed in prior negotiation. During the scene, she was obedient and followed protocols and instruction well, accepting painful punishment when she slipped up. The way she curves her back and sticks out her ass while waiting to be hit needs to be seen to be believed!  She is clearly the "real" thing, a gorgeous submissive, who wants to please.  Her endurance for uncomfortable bondage, stress positions and impact play is unbelieveable.  Having such a beautiful woman under my complete control, responding to my every whim and command was a truly erotic experience.  --P


Dear miss natalie,

I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you recently for a session in which you were the submissive patient at the medical office.  I have met some professional subs from coast to coast and you are the tops.  You are so pretty, slim, and so kinky.  I love how much you like the submissive scene and how you , when I met you and learned how accurate those web pages are, it made me feel like I was in heaven.  My only regret is that our hour encounter went by so quickly.  I don't need to go into details but you were the perfect submissive patient for the cruel doctor taking your punishments, probing examinations, and humiliating treatments with class.  I will be looking for the next opportunity to get back to Atlanta to schedule a longer session.
Dr. S


I have over 15yrs of working with both male and female Submissive’s and I have to say that Little Miss Natalie is truly one of the Best of the Best of the Pro-Subs out there. She has so much dedication in what she does and is so compassionate about pleasing the person she is playing with that you find yourself wanting to extend the session for another hour. Her Personality is amazing and she has this glow about her from the time you walk into the room to the time you leave.  Her ability to listen and follow instructions are just one of her many talents. She has such a innocence about her that you can’t help but to want to play with her.  This young lady is not just your typical sub she is a Pro Submissive,she always has this energy about her that separates her from the rest, she is not just a pretty face with a hot body she is extremely smart and educated with a desire to make those around her happy.

I can honestly say that she not only gets into her head space when you play with her but she can allow you to enjoy your headspace.  As a Pro-Submissive she is very knowledgeable of every form of BDSM and Fetish Role-playing scenes that you can imagine from Naught School girl who wants you to bend her over your knee and give her a good spanking on that cute little ass to playing sexy Sectary that lets you know you’re the Boss she goes above and beyond to make sure that the instructions you give her are persist and correct but always ready for her punishment if they’re not.

I know one thing that impressed me the most about this young lady was the fact she had a ton of her own toys that she brought to the session form several gags and a large array plugs and clamps she had it all, I was impressed!

Even if your just a novice and never played with a Pro Sub before she is understanding and willing to summit to you and as her Master but always willing to show you the ropes to what is safe and not safe,  this is just another reason to see her, she makes playing with her fun and enjoyable.

If you are a true player in the lifestyle and have lots of experience with female subs she is definitely the Pro Sub for you, because she is very well trained in the art of proper protocol and obeys your every command.  Her tolerance to Whips and Canes go far beyond the average Sub, I have seen her enjoy levels of light play with a good bent over the knee spanking to the extreme hard hits of several types of canes of all shapes and sizes.   I just have to say that Lil Miss Natalie is one of the Best Pro Submissive out there and if you ever have the chance of playing with a submissive you want a Pro Sub like her. I would highly recommend her to everyone who wants more than just a session but an experience. She is the total package a perfect 10, 
--Goddess Phoenix